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Meaning: industry

L'industria italiana è famosa per la produzione di automobili.

The Italian industry is famous for automobile production.

Meaning: manufacturing

L'industria tessile è un settore importante dell'economia italiana.

The textile manufacturing is an important sector of the Italian economy.

Meaning: business

L'industria della moda è in continua crescita.

The fashion business is continuously growing.

Meaning: trade

L'industria del turismo contribuisce notevolmente all'economia del paese.

The tourism trade contributes significantly to the country's economy.

Meaning: craft

L'industria artistica italiana è rinomata in tutto il mondo.

The Italian craft industry is renowned worldwide.


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L'industria del turismo è molto importante per l'economia italiana.

The tourism industry is very important for the Italian economy.

Mio padre lavora nell'industria automobilistica.

My father works in the automotive industry.

L'industria della moda è famosa in tutto il mondo.

The fashion industry is famous worldwide.

L'industria farmaceutica sta cercando nuovi modi per combattere le malattie.

The pharmaceutical industry is looking for new ways to fight diseases.

L'industria alimentare ha introdotto nuovi prodotti sul mercato quest'anno.

The food industry has introduced new products to the market this year.

L'industria dell'informatica ha subito un forte sviluppo negli ultimi anni.

The computer industry has undergone significant development in recent years.

L'industria cinematografica italiana ha prodotto molti film di successo.

The Italian film industry has produced many successful movies.

L'industria delle energie rinnovabili sta diventando sempre più importante nel contesto globale.

The renewable energy industry is becoming increasingly important in the global context.

L'industria chimica ha svolto un ruolo chiave nello sviluppo di nuovi materiali.

The chemical industry has played a key role in the development of new materials.

Advanced Description

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The word "industria" in Italian translates to "industry" in English. It refers to the economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and the manufacturing of goods.

Italy has a long history of industrial development, especially in sectors such as automotive, fashion, design, and food processing. The Italian industria has played a significant role in shaping the country's economy and contributing to its global reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

The term "industria" can also be used more broadly to describe any organized economic activity or sector. It encompasses not only manufacturing but also services, technology, and innovation.

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