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Integrale is an Italian adjective that translates to 'integral' in English. It refers to something that is complete, whole, or essential and cannot be separated into parts without losing its fundamental nature.

Part of speech



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Meaning: complete

Ho letto il libro integrale.

I read the complete book.

Meaning: integral

La matematica integrale è molto complessa.

Integral mathematics is very complex.

Meaning: whole

Ho comprato una torta integrale.

I bought a whole grain cake.

Meaning: full

Il mio amico ha un'integrale agenda.

My friend has a full schedule.

Meaning: unabridged

Ho ascoltato l'audiolibro integrale.

I listened to the unabridged audiobook.


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Ho comprato un pacchetto di pasta integrale.

I bought a package of whole wheat pasta.

Mi piace bere il latte integrale.

I like to drink whole milk.

La pizza integrale è più salutare della pizza normale.

Whole wheat pizza is healthier than regular pizza.

Per mantenere una dieta equilibrata, è importante consumare cibi integrali.

To maintain a balanced diet, it is important to consume whole foods.

L'integrazione dei dati ha migliorato l'efficienza del sistema.

Data integration has improved the efficiency of the system.

Il processo di integrazione europea ha portato a numerosi benefici economici.

The process of European integration has led to numerous economic benefits.

L'integrazione sociale è fondamentale per la coesione di una comunità.

Social integration is essential for the cohesion of a community.

Sto studiando italiano per raggiungere un livello di competenza linguistica integrale.

I am studying Italian to achieve a comprehensive level of language proficiency.

La mia esperienza all'estero mi ha permesso di avere una visione più integrale del mondo.

My experience abroad has allowed me to have a more holistic view of the world.

Advanced Description

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The term integrale is often used in mathematics to describe a type of calculus that deals with integrals, which are the inverse of derivatives. In this context, an integral represents the area under a curve and is used to solve problems related to motion, volume, and other physical phenomena. The concept of integration is considered one of the most important in mathematics and has numerous applications in science, engineering, economics, and other fields.

In everyday language, integrale can refer to anything that is essential or indispensable to a system or process. For example, a company may have an integrale department that handles critical functions such as finance or operations. Similarly, a recipe may call for integrale ingredients that are necessary for the dish's flavor or texture. In both cases, removing the integrale element would result in an incomplete or flawed outcome.

Overall, integrale is a versatile word that conveys the idea of completeness and unity. Whether applied to mathematical concepts or real-world scenarios, it emphasizes the importance of considering all parts as part of a larger whole. By understanding the meaning of integrale, individuals can gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of systems and the value of holistic thinking.

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