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Interesse is an Italian noun that translates to 'interest' in English. It refers to the feeling of curiosity, concern or attention towards something or someone.

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Meaning: interest (in a subject or activity)

Ho un grande interesse per la musica.

I have a great interest in music.

Meaning: interest (financial gain)

Il mio conto bancario mi dà degli interessi ogni mese.

My bank account earns me interest every month.

Meaning: interest (concern or curiosity)

Mi interessa sapere cosa è successo.

I am interested to know what happened.

Meaning: interest (benefit or advantage)

È nell'interesse di tutti lavorare insieme.

It is in everyone's interest to work together.

Meaning: interest (importance or significance)

Questo argomento non ha alcun interesse per me.

This topic has no interest for me.


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A1: Ho un grande interesse per la musica.

A1: I have a great interest in music.

A1: Mi piace leggere libri di fantascienza perché mi suscitano interesse.

A1: I like reading science fiction books because they spark my interest.

A1: L'arte è un argomento che mi interessa molto.

A1: Art is a topic that interests me a lot.

B1: Il film ha suscitato il mio interesse fin dall'inizio.

B1: The movie has caught my interest from the beginning.

B1: Sono interessato a partecipare al corso di fotografia.

B1: I am interested in participating in the photography course.

B2: La conferenza ha destato l'interesse di molti esperti nel settore.

B2: The conference has aroused the interest of many experts in the field.

C1: L'interesse per la sostenibilità ambientale sta crescendo sempre di più nella società moderna.

C1: Interest in environmental sustainability is growing more and more in modern society.

C1: Il professore ha stimolato l'interesse degli studenti con una lezione appassionante.

C1: The professor stimulated the students' interest with an exciting lesson.

C2: L'interesse per la ricerca scientifica è fondamentale per lo sviluppo di nuove scoperte.

C2: Interest in scientific research is fundamental for the development of new discoveries.

Advanced Description

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In everyday conversation, interesse can refer to a wide range of topics and situations. For example, you might have interesse in a particular hobby or sport, meaning that you are curious about it and enjoy learning more about it. Alternatively, you might have interesse in a person, meaning that you are attracted to them or want to get to know them better.

In business and finance, interesse takes on a more specific meaning. It refers to the amount of money charged for borrowing funds, such as through a loan or mortgage. This type of interesse is often expressed as a percentage rate, which determines how much extra money must be paid back over time.

Overall, interesse is a versatile word with many different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Whether referring to personal relationships or financial transactions, it always implies some level of engagement and attention towards the subject at hand.

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