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"inventare" Italian translation




to invent

Part of speech



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Meaning: to invent

Ho inventato una nuova ricetta per la torta.

I invented a new recipe for the cake.

Meaning: to make up

Mi ha inventato una scusa per non venire alla festa.

He made up an excuse for not coming to the party.

Meaning: to fabricate

Hanno inventato una storia per coprire il loro errore.

They fabricated a story to cover up their mistake.

Meaning: to create

L'artista ha inventato un nuovo stile di pittura.

The artist created a new style of painting.

Meaning: to devise

Abbiamo inventato un piano per risolvere il problema.

We devised a plan to solve the problem.



  • io invento
  • tu inventi
  • lui/lei inventa
  • noi inventiamo
  • voi inventate
  • loro inventano


  • io ho inventato
  • tu hai inventato
  • lui/lei ha inventato
  • noi abbiamo inventato
  • voi avete inventato
  • loro hanno inventato


  • io inventerò
  • tu inventerai
  • lui/lei inventorà
  • noi inventorremo
  • voi inventerete
  • loro inventoranno


  • io avevo inventato
  • tu avevi inventato
  • lui/lei aveva inventato
  • noi avevamo inventato
  • voi avevate inventato
  • loro avevano inventato

Simple Past

  • io inventai
  • tu inventasti
  • lui/lei inventò
  • noi inventammo
  • voi inventaste
  • loro inventarono


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A1: Io invento storie fantastiche.

A1: I invent fantastic stories.

A1: Lui inventa sempre scuse per non lavorare.

A1: He always invents excuses to not work.

A1: Noi inventiamo giochi divertenti.

A1: We invent fun games.

B1: Ho inventato una nuova ricetta di pasta.

B1: I invented a new pasta recipe.

B2: Stavo inventando una storia quando mi hai interrotto.

B2: I was inventing a story when you interrupted me.

B2: Inventeremo un piano per risolvere il problema.

B2: We will invent a plan to solve the problem.

C1: Avrei dovuto inventare una scusa migliore per giustificarmi.

C1: I should have invented a better excuse to justify myself.

C1: Se avessi potuto, avrei inventato una macchina del tempo.

C1: If I could, I would have invented a time machine.

C2: Dopo anni di ricerca, finalmente ho inventato la soluzione al problema.

C2: After years of research, I finally invented the solution to the problem.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'inventare' in Italian means 'to invent' in English. It is derived from the Latin word 'invenire', which means 'to find'. Invention refers to the act of creating or discovering something new, whether it be an idea, a device, or a process.

Invention plays a crucial role in human progress and innovation. Throughout history, countless inventions have revolutionized various aspects of our lives, from communication and transportation to medicine and technology. Inventors use their creativity and problem-solving skills to come up with new ideas and solutions to improve existing systems or create entirely new ones.

Inventors often face challenges and setbacks during the invention process, but their perseverance and determination drive them to continue experimenting and refining their ideas. The process of inventing requires critical thinking, research, and sometimes trial and error. Successful inventions can have a profound impact on society and shape the course of human development.

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