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"lattina" Italian translation


can (of soda)


Lattina is an Italian noun that refers to a small metal container used for storing food or beverages.

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Meaning: can (metal container)

Ho comprato una lattina di Coca-Cola.

I bought a can of Coca-Cola.

Meaning: tin (container made of tin or other metal)

Mia nonna conserva le sue ricette in una lattina di biscotti.

My grandmother keeps her recipes in a tin cookie box.

Meaning: tin (thin sheet of metal)

Il falegname ha usato una lattina di lamiera per riparare il tetto.

The carpenter used a tin sheet to repair the roof.

Meaning: small milk carton

Mio figlio beve sempre una lattina di latte al mattino.

My son always drinks a small milk carton in the morning.


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A1: Ho comprato una lattina di Coca Cola.

A1: I bought a can of Coca Cola.

A1: La lattina è vuota.

A1: The can is empty.

A1: Mi piace bere birra in lattina.

A1: I like drinking beer from a can.

B1: Ho aperto la lattina di tonno e ho messo il contenuto nel piatto.

B1: I opened the tin of tuna and put the contents on the plate.

B1: Dopo aver bevuto la lattina di energia, mi sono sentito più sveglio.

B1: After drinking the energy drink can, I felt more awake.

B2: Se non ricicli le lattine, stai danneggiando l'ambiente.

B2: If you don't recycle cans, you are harming the environment.

B2: Mia madre ha conservato una lattina di pomodori per fare la salsa.

B2: My mother kept a tin of tomatoes to make sauce.

C1: L'azienda sta sviluppando una nuova tecnologia per produrre lattine più leggere ed ecologiche.

C1: The company is developing new technology to produce lighter and more eco-friendly cans.

C1: Il barista ha servito la birra in una lattina speciale che mantiene il gusto fresco più a lungo.

C1: The bartender served the beer in a special can that keeps the taste fresh for longer.

C2: Dopo aver bevuto la lattina di soda, l'ho schiacciata e l'ho gettata nella raccolta differenziata.

C2: After drinking the soda can, I crushed it and threw it into the recycling bin.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, lattina is commonly used to refer to a can of soda or beer. These cans are made of aluminum and are easily recyclable. They come in various sizes and shapes depending on the type of beverage they contain.

Apart from beverages, lattina is also used for storing food items such as canned fruits, vegetables, and meat. These cans are sealed airtight to prevent contamination and spoilage. They are easy to store and transport, making them a popular choice for preserving food.

The word lattina comes from the Italian word 'latte' which means milk. In the past, lattina was primarily used for storing milk before refrigeration became widely available. Today, it has evolved to become a versatile container used for various purposes.

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