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Meaning: law

La legge italiana prevede pene severe per il furto.

Italian law provides for severe penalties for theft.

Meaning: act

Ho letto la legge di Shakespeare e mi è piaciuta molto.

I have read Shakespeare's play and I liked it a lot.

Meaning: rule

Questa legge non si applica alle persone anziane.

This rule does not apply to elderly people.

Meaning: statute

Il parlamento ha approvato una nuova legge sulla protezione dell'ambiente.

The parliament has passed a new statute on environmental protection.

Meaning: bill

Il governo sta discutendo una nuova legge sull'istruzione.

The government is discussing a new bill on education.


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A1: La legge italiana prevede pene severe per i reati gravi.

A1: Italian law provides for severe penalties for serious crimes.

A1: Secondo la legge, è vietato fumare in questo luogo.

A1: According to the law, smoking is prohibited in this place.

A1: Ho letto la legge sulle norme di sicurezza sul lavoro.

A1: I have read the law on workplace safety regulations.

B1: La nuova legge entrerà in vigore il prossimo mese.

B1: The new law will come into effect next month.

B1: Il governo sta discutendo una legge per ridurre l'inquinamento atmosferico.

B1: The government is discussing a law to reduce air pollution.

B1: La Corte Suprema ha interpretato la legge in modo controverso.

B1: The Supreme Court has interpreted the law controversially.

C1: Dopo anni di studio del diritto, ho deciso di specializzarmi in legge internazionale.

C1: After years of studying law, I have decided to specialize in international law.

C1: La nuova legge fiscale ha introdotto importanti cambiamenti nel sistema tributario.

C1: The new tax law has introduced significant changes in the tax system.

C1: La legge sulla privacy protegge i dati personali degli individui.

C1: The privacy law protects individuals' personal data.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'legge' translates to 'law' in English. It refers to a set of rules or regulations that are established by a governing authority and enforced within a particular jurisdiction. Laws are designed to maintain order, protect rights, and govern the behavior of individuals and organizations.

In Italy, the legal system is based on civil law, which means that laws are primarily derived from written statutes rather than judicial decisions. The legislative power is vested in the Parliament, which consists of two houses: the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The process of creating new laws involves drafting, debating, and voting on proposed legislation.

Leggi can cover a wide range of subjects, including criminal law, civil law, administrative law, constitutional law, and more. They can address various aspects of society such as crime and punishment, property rights, contracts, employment regulations, taxation, environmental protection, and human rights.

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