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Lento is an Italian adjective that means slow or sluggish.

Part of speech



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Meaning: slow

Il treno è lento.

The train is slow.

Meaning: gentle

La musica è lenta e dolce.

The music is slow and gentle.

Meaning: late

Siamo arrivati in ritardo perché il traffico era lento.

We arrived late because the traffic was slow.

Meaning: tedious

Questo lavoro è molto lento e noioso.

This job is very slow and tedious.


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A1: Il treno è molto lento.

A1: The train is very slow.

A1: Ho una connessione internet lenta.

A1: I have a slow internet connection.

A1: La tartaruga cammina lentamente.

A1: The turtle walks slowly.

B1: Sono andato al supermercato, ma c'era una fila lunga e il servizio era molto lento.

B1: I went to the supermarket, but there was a long line and the service was very slow.

B1: Durante la gara di nuoto, ho iniziato ad affaticarmi e il mio ritmo è diventato sempre più lento.

B1: During the swimming race, I started to get tired and my pace became slower and slower.

B2: L'azienda sta attraversando un periodo difficile e le vendite stanno procedendo a passo lento.

B2: The company is going through a tough period and sales are progressing slowly.

C1: Dopo aver studiato per molti anni, finalmente ho raggiunto un livello di padronanza della lingua italiana che mi permette di leggere libri complessi senza dover procedere lentamente.

C1: After studying for many years, I have finally reached a level of proficiency in the Italian language that allows me to read complex books without having to proceed slowly.

C1: La squadra di calcio ha adottato una tattica di gioco lenta e paziente, cercando di mantenere il possesso del pallone per lunghi periodi di tempo.

C1: The football team has adopted a slow and patient playing tactic, trying to keep possession of the ball for long periods of time.

C2: Il processo di approvazione per la costruzione di un nuovo edificio è stato incredibilmente lento a causa della burocrazia e delle lunghe procedure amministrative.

C2: The approval process for the construction of a new building has been incredibly slow due to bureaucracy and lengthy administrative procedures.

Advanced Description

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The word lento is commonly used in music to indicate a slow tempo. For example, a piece of music may be marked 'lento' to indicate that it should be played slowly and with a relaxed feel. In this context, lento can convey a sense of calmness and tranquility.

In everyday speech, lento can be used to describe anything that moves or operates at a slow pace. For instance, a person who walks slowly might be described as lento. Similarly, a computer program that runs slowly could also be referred to as lento.

It's worth noting that lento is not always used in a negative sense. In some cases, it can be seen as a positive attribute. For example, someone who takes their time to carefully consider all options before making a decision might be praised for their lento approach.

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