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Meaning: bed

Mi piace leggere a letto.

I like to read in bed.

Meaning: reading

Il libro che sto leggendo è molto interessante.

The book I'm reading is very interesting.

Meaning: layer

Ho messo un nuovo strato di vernice sul letto del tavolo.

I put a new layer of paint on the table's surface.

Meaning: riverbed

Il letto del fiume era completamente asciutto durante l'estate.

The riverbed was completely dry during the summer.

Meaning: bottom

La chiave è caduta nel letto del pozzo.

The key fell to the bottom of the well.


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A1: Il letto è comodo.

A1: The bed is comfortable.

A1: Ho un letto singolo nella mia camera.

A1: I have a single bed in my room.

A1: Mi piace leggere a letto.

A1: I like to read in bed.

B1: Mia sorella si è sdraiata sul letto.

B1: My sister lay down on the bed.

B2: Quando ero bambino, saltavo sul letto.

B2: When I was a child, I used to jump on the bed.

B2: Dopo cena, mi sono rilassato nel letto.

B2: After dinner, I relaxed in bed.

C1: La madre ha fatto il letto del bambino ogni mattina.

C1: The mother made the child's bed every morning.

C1: Quando tornerò a casa, vorrei trovare il letto pronto per dormire.

C1: When I come back home, I would like to find the bed ready for sleep.

C2: Se avessi saputo che era malato, gli avrei portato la colazione a letto.

C2: If I had known he was sick, I would have brought him breakfast in bed.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'letto' translates to 'bed' in English. It refers to a piece of furniture used for sleeping or resting.

In Italian culture, the letto holds great significance as it is often considered the centerpiece of a bedroom. It is not only a functional item but also a symbol of comfort and relaxation.

Letto can come in various sizes and styles, ranging from single beds to double beds, bunk beds, or even luxurious canopy beds. It is an essential element of any home and plays a crucial role in ensuring a good night's sleep.

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