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Libbra is an Italian noun which translates to pound in English. It is a unit of weight measurement commonly used in Italy and other European countries.

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Meaning: pound (unit of weight)

Il pacco pesa una libbra.

The package weighs one pound.

Meaning: pound (currency)

Quanto vale una libbra inglese in euro?

How much is one British pound worth in euros?

Meaning: pound (force)

La pressione esercitata è di cinque libbre per pollice quadrato.

The pressure exerted is five pounds per square inch.

Meaning: pound (animal enclosure)

I cani sono tenuti nella libbra del canile.

The dogs are kept in the pound at the shelter.

Meaning: pound (sound of a bell)

Le campane suonano a distesa, con un ritmo di due libbre.

The bells ring out, with a rhythm of two pounds.


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A1: Ho comprato una libbra di mele al mercato.

A1: I bought a pound of apples at the market.

A1: La libbra è una unità di misura del peso.

A1: The pound is a unit of weight measurement.

A1: Mia nonna pesa meno di una libbra.

A1: My grandmother weighs less than a pound.

B1: Ho bisogno di un chilo di farina, che corrisponde a circa due libbre.

B1: I need a kilogram of flour, which is about two pounds.

B1: Il pacco postale pesava quattro libbre quando l'ho spedito.

B1: The postal package weighed four pounds when I sent it.

B2: L'atleta ha sollevato una libbra in più rispetto al suo record personale.

B2: The athlete lifted one pound more than his personal record.

C1: La bilancia ha misurato il mio peso in libbre e poi l'ha convertito in chilogrammi.

C1: The scale measured my weight in pounds and then converted it to kilograms.

C1: La torta richiede mezza libbra di burro per la preparazione della glassa.

C1: The cake requires half a pound of butter for the frosting preparation.

C2: La libbra è una delle unità di misura più utilizzate negli Stati Uniti.

C2: The pound is one of the most commonly used units of measurement in the United States.

Advanced Description

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The libbra is an ancient unit of measurement that has been used in Italy for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to the Roman Empire, where it was known as the libra. The libbra was originally defined as the weight of 12 unciae (ounces) of water, but over time its definition has changed.

Today, the libbra is defined as exactly 0.5 kilograms or 500 grams. This makes it slightly smaller than the pound used in the United States and other countries, which is equivalent to 0.45359237 kilograms. Despite this difference, the libbra is still widely used in Italy for measuring food products such as cheese, meat, and fish.

It's important to note that while the libbra is a common unit of measurement in Italy, it is not officially recognized by the International System of Units (SI). As a result, it is considered a non-SI unit and its use is discouraged in scientific contexts. However, for everyday use in Italy, the libbra remains a useful and widely accepted way to measure weight.

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