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Linea is an Italian noun that translates to 'line' in English. It refers to a continuous mark made on a surface by a pen, pencil, or other writing instrument. In a broader sense, it can also refer to a sequence of points that extends infinitely in both directions.

Part of speech





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Meaning: line

Ho disegnato una linea dritta sul foglio.

I drew a straight line on the paper.

Meaning: route

Prendo sempre la stessa linea per andare al lavoro.

I always take the same route to go to work.

Meaning: lineage

La sua famiglia ha una lunga linea di nobiltà.

His family has a long lineage of nobility.

Meaning: queue

C'era una lunga linea fuori dal negozio durante i saldi.

There was a long queue outside the store during the sales.

Meaning: phone line

La linea telefonica è interrotta, non posso fare chiamate.

The phone line is down, I can't make calls.


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A1: Ho comprato una linea telefonica nuova.

A1: I bought a new phone line.

A1: La linea del tram è molto affollata in questo momento.

A1: The tram line is very crowded right now.

A1: Mi piace disegnare linee dritte.

A1: I like to draw straight lines.

B1: La linea di prodotti dell'azienda si sta espandendo rapidamente.

B1: The company's product line is expanding rapidly.

B1: Il treno ha subito un ritardo di due ore a causa di un guasto alla linea ferroviaria.

B1: The train was delayed by two hours due to a fault in the railway line.

B2: Il negozio di abbigliamento offre una vasta linea di vestiti per tutte le stagioni.

B2: The clothing store offers a wide range of clothes for all seasons.

C1: La compagnia telefonica ha implementato una nuova linea di assistenza clienti per migliorare il servizio.

C1: The telephone company has implemented a new customer support line to improve service.

C1: L'artista ha creato un'opera d'arte astratta usando solo linee e colori vivaci.

C1: The artist created an abstract artwork using only lines and vibrant colors.

C2: Il politico ha tenuto un discorso di apertura che ha tracciato una linea chiara per il suo mandato.

C2: The politician delivered an opening speech that laid out a clear line for his mandate.

Advanced Description

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In art and design, linea is often used to create visual interest and structure within a composition. A skilled artist can use lines to convey movement, texture, and depth. For example, diagonal lines can suggest motion or instability, while horizontal lines can create a sense of calmness and stability.

In mathematics, linea is used to describe geometric shapes and their properties. Lines are fundamental objects in geometry, and they are defined as a straight path that extends infinitely in both directions. They have no thickness or width, but they do have length. Lines can be parallel, intersecting, or perpendicular to each other.

In transportation, linea is commonly used to refer to a route or line of travel. For example, the term linea di autobus (bus line) is used to describe a specific bus route that connects different parts of a city. Similarly, the term linea ferroviaria (railway line) is used to describe a specific railway route that connects different cities or regions.

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