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Luce is an Italian noun that translates to light in English. It refers to the natural or artificial illumination that allows us to see things.

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Meaning: light (physical)

La luce del sole illumina la stanza.

The sunlight illuminates the room.

Meaning: light (electromagnetic radiation)

La luce bianca è composta da tutti i colori dello spettro visibile.

White light is composed of all the colors in the visible spectrum.

Meaning: light (brightness)

Accendi la luce, è troppo buio qui dentro.

Turn on the light, it's too dark in here.

Meaning: light (illumination)

La luce delle candele crea un'atmosfera romantica.

The candlelight creates a romantic atmosphere.

Meaning: light (knowledge, understanding)

Studia tanto per acquisire molta luce su questo argomento.

Study hard to gain a lot of knowledge about this topic.


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A1: La luce è accesa.

The light is on.

A1: Ho bisogno di luce per leggere.

I need light to read.

A1: La luce del sole mi fa sentire felice.

The sunlight makes me feel happy.

B1: Quando arrivi a casa, accendi la luce.

When you arrive home, turn on the light.

B1: Durante il temporale, la luce si è spenta.

During the thunderstorm, the light went out.

B2: Mia madre ha cambiato le lampadine per avere una luce più intensa.

My mother changed the light bulbs to have a brighter light.

C1: Se avessi un interruttore intelligente, potrei controllare la luce da remoto.

If I had a smart switch, I could control the light remotely.

C1: La luce artificiale può influenzare negativamente il nostro ritmo circadiano.

Artificial light can negatively affect our circadian rhythm.

C2: L'aurora boreale offre uno spettacolo di luci incredibile nel cielo notturno.

The Northern Lights offer an incredible display of lights in the night sky.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, luce is a word that is commonly used to describe the brightness of the sun or the moon. Italians often refer to the quality of light as being soft or harsh depending on the time of day and weather conditions. For example, during sunset, the luce is often described as being warm and golden, while during midday it can be quite bright and intense.

Luce is also used in the context of lighting fixtures and bulbs. In this case, it refers to the amount of light emitted by a source. For instance, a lamp with a high lumen output will provide more luce than one with a lower output. This is an important consideration when choosing lighting for different spaces such as homes, offices, or public areas.

Finally, luce has symbolic meanings in Italian culture. It is often associated with hope, enlightenment, and knowledge. For example, in literature and art, luce is frequently used as a metaphor for spiritual awakening or intellectual discovery. As such, it has become an important cultural symbol that represents optimism and growth.

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