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Lungo is an Italian adjective that translates to 'long' in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: long (in distance or duration)

Ho fatto una lunga passeggiata nel parco.

I took a long walk in the park.

Meaning: tall

Il grattacielo è molto lungo.

The skyscraper is very tall.

Meaning: lengthy (in speech or writing)

Il discorso del presidente è stato molto lungo.

The president's speech was very lengthy.

Meaning: deep (in color or flavor)

Il vino rosso ha un sapore lungo e intenso.

The red wine has a long and intense flavor.

Meaning: tedious

La riunione è stata molto lunga e noiosa.

The meeting was very long and tedious.


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A1: Ho un vestito lungo.

I have a long dress.

A1: Il fiume è molto lungo.

The river is very long.

A1: Questa strada è lunga.

This road is long.

B1: Ho camminato per un lungo tratto di strada.

I walked for a long stretch of road.

B1: La riunione è durata più a lungo del previsto.

The meeting lasted longer than expected.

B1: La mia amica ha i capelli lunghi fino alla vita.

My friend has hair that is long down to her waist.

C1: Il romanzo di Tolstoj è noto per essere molto lungo e complesso.

Tolstoy's novel is known for being very long and complex.

C1: Dopo un lungo periodo di studio, finalmente ho ottenuto il mio dottorato.

After a long period of study, I finally obtained my doctorate.

C1: Il progetto richiederà un lungo processo di sviluppo e implementazione.

The project will require a long process of development and implementation.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, lungo can be used to describe physical length or duration. For example, 'una strada lunga' means a long road and 'un film lungo' means a long movie. It can also be used figuratively to describe something that feels like it's taking a long time, such as 'una giornata lunga' meaning a long day.

When ordering coffee in Italy, you may come across the term 'caffè lungo'. This refers to a longer espresso shot with more water added, resulting in a milder taste than a regular espresso. Similarly, in the context of cocktails, 'lungo' can refer to a drink made with more mixer than usual, resulting in a weaker flavor.

It's important to note that while 'lungo' is the masculine form of the adjective, there is also a feminine form, 'lunga', which is used when describing feminine nouns. Additionally, the word can change depending on its placement in a sentence and the tense being used.

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