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Macchina is an Italian noun that translates to 'machine' in English. It refers to a mechanical or electrical device that performs a specific task or set of tasks.

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Meaning: car

Ho comprato una macchina nuova.

I bought a new car.

Meaning: machine

La macchina del caffè è rotta.

The coffee machine is broken.

Meaning: engine

Il rumore proveniva dal motore della macchina.

The noise was coming from the car engine.

Meaning: device

La macchina fotografica ha una buona risoluzione.

The camera has a good resolution.

Meaning: computer

La mia macchina non si accende più.

My computer doesn't turn on anymore.


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Ho una macchina rossa.

I have a red car.

La macchina è parcheggiata fuori.

The car is parked outside.

La mia macchina ha bisogno di riparazioni.

My car needs repairs.

Sto cercando di vendere la mia vecchia macchina.

I'm trying to sell my old car.

Mi piacerebbe comprare una macchina ibrida in futuro.

I would like to buy a hybrid car in the future.

Mio padre ha guidato la sua macchina fino in montagna.

My father drove his car up the mountain.

Quando ero giovane, sognavo di possedere una macchina di lusso.

When I was young, I dreamed of owning a luxury car.

Se avessi più soldi, comprerei una macchina nuova.

If I had more money, I would buy a new car.

Dopo aver preso la patente, ho potuto guidare la mia macchina da solo.

After getting my driver's license, I was able to drive my car alone.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, macchina is commonly used to refer to automobiles or cars. This is because the word was originally used to describe any type of mechanical device, but over time it became associated with vehicles due to their widespread use and importance in modern society.

However, macchina can also refer to other types of machines such as industrial equipment, household appliances, and even computers. In these contexts, it still carries the same meaning of a device that performs a specific function or set of functions.

Overall, macchina is a versatile word that can be applied to a wide range of mechanical and electrical devices. Its usage has evolved over time, but its core meaning remains the same - a machine designed to perform a specific task.

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