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Madre is an Italian noun that translates to mother in English. It refers to a female parent who has given birth to or raised a child.

Part of speech





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Meaning: mother

La mia madre è molto gentile.

My mother is very kind.

Meaning: mainland

Siamo appena arrivati dalla madre.

We have just arrived from the mainland.

Meaning: source

Il fiume nasce dalle madri di montagna.

The river originates from the mountain sources.

Meaning: base

Questa teoria è la madre di tutte le altre.

This theory is the basis of all others.

Meaning: matrix

La matrice ha una madre e un padre.

The matrix has a mother and a father.


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A1: La mia madre è molto gentile.

My mother is very kind.

A1: Ho una foto di mia madre nella mia borsa.

I have a photo of my mother in my bag.

A1: Mia madre cucina sempre la cena per la famiglia.

My mother always cooks dinner for the family.

B1: Mia madre ha lavorato come insegnante per molti anni.

My mother worked as a teacher for many years.

B2: Mia madre sta preparando una torta per il compleanno di mio fratello.

My mother is preparing a cake for my brother's birthday.

B2: Mia madre aveva già letto quel libro prima che uscisse il film.

My mother had already read that book before the movie came out.

C1: Se non fosse stata per mia madre, non sarei riuscito ad affrontare quelle difficoltà.

If it hadn't been for my mother, I wouldn't have been able to face those difficulties.

C1: Mia madre mi ha detto che dovrei seguire i miei sogni e non arrendermi mai.

My mother told me that I should follow my dreams and never give up.

C2: Mia madre era così orgogliosa di me quando ho conseguito la laurea.

My mother was so proud of me when I graduated.

Advanced Description

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In Italian culture, the madre holds a significant role in the family and is often considered the heart of the household. She is responsible for nurturing and caring for her children, providing emotional support, and maintaining the home. The madre is also seen as a source of wisdom and guidance, passing down traditions and values from generation to generation.

The concept of madre extends beyond just biological mothers. In Italy, it is common for women who have taken on a maternal role in someone's life to be referred to as madrina, which translates to godmother. This can include aunts, grandmothers, or close family friends who have played a significant role in raising a child.

The importance of the madre in Italian culture can also be seen in religious contexts. The Virgin Mary, or Madonna, is often referred to as la Madre di Dio, which means Mother of God. She is revered as a symbol of maternal love and compassion, and her image can be found in many churches and homes throughout Italy.

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