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Meaning: older

Mio fratello maggiore ha vent'anni.

My older brother is twenty years old.

Meaning: major

Sto studiando per ottenere una laurea in ingegneria maggiore.

I am studying to obtain a major in engineering.

Meaning: greater

La quantità di cibo che hai preso è maggiore di quella che ti serve.

The amount of food you took is greater than what you need.

Meaning: larger

Ho bisogno di una scatola maggiore per contenere tutti i miei libri.

I need a larger box to contain all my books.


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Sono il fratello maggiore.

I am the older brother.

Ho una sorella maggiore.

I have an older sister.

La casa maggiore è più grande.

The bigger house is larger.

Il mio amico maggiore ha già finito l'università.

My older friend has already finished university.

Abbiamo scelto la strada maggiore per arrivare più velocemente.

We chose the major road to arrive faster.

Vorrei diventare un esperto maggiore nel mio campo di studi.

I would like to become a senior expert in my field of study.

Advanced Description

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The Italian adjective 'maggiore' means 'greater' in English. It is used to compare two or more things and indicate that one is larger, bigger, or more important than the other.

In Italian, 'maggiore' can be used to describe physical attributes such as size, height, or quantity. For example, if you want to say that one mountain is taller than another, you can use 'maggiore'. Similarly, if you want to express that one city has a larger population than another, you would use 'maggiore'.

Additionally, 'maggiore' can also be used in a figurative sense to describe something that is of greater importance or significance. For instance, you might say that one achievement is greater than another or that one responsibility carries more weight.

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