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Meaning: magnet

Ho attaccato il biglietto al frigorifero con un magnete.

I attached the note to the refrigerator with a magnet.

Meaning: magnetic

La terra ha un campo magnetico molto potente.

The Earth has a very powerful magnetic field.

Meaning: attractive person

Quel ragazzo è un vero magnete per le ragazze.

That guy is a real magnet for girls.


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A1: Il magnete attira le mollette.

The magnet attracts the clothespins.

A1: Ho comprato un magnete per mettere sulla lavagna.

I bought a magnet to put on the whiteboard.

A1: Mia sorella ha perso il magnete del frigorifero.

My sister lost the refrigerator magnet.

B1: Ho trovato un magnete molto potente che può sollevare oggetti pesanti.

I found a very powerful magnet that can lift heavy objects.

B1: Il bambino si è divertito a giocare con i magneti sul tavolo.

The child had fun playing with the magnets on the table.

B1: I magneti possono essere utilizzati per creare energia elettrica.

Magnets can be used to generate electricity.

C1: Nel laboratorio, gli scienziati stanno studiando le proprietà dei magneti superconduttori.

In the laboratory, scientists are studying the properties of superconducting magnets.

C1: La tecnologia dei magneti permanenti sta avanzando rapidamente nel settore dell'elettronica.

Permanent magnet technology is advancing rapidly in the electronics industry.

C1: I treni ad alta velocità utilizzano magneti per levitare e ridurre l'attrito.

High-speed trains use magnets to levitate and reduce friction.

Advanced Description

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The word "magnete" is an Italian noun that translates to "magnet" in English. It refers to an object or material that has the ability to attract certain metals, such as iron or steel, and produce a magnetic field.

Magnets are commonly used in various applications, including electric motors, generators, speakers, and magnetic storage devices like hard drives. They can be found in everyday objects like refrigerator magnets and magnetic toys.

The concept of magnetism dates back thousands of years, with ancient civilizations discovering naturally occurring magnets known as lodestones. Today, magnets are created by aligning the magnetic domains of certain materials through processes like magnetization or induction.

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