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Meaning: badly

Mi sento male oggi.

I feel bad today.

Meaning: wrong

Hai capito male la mia domanda.

You understood my question wrong.

Meaning: evil

Il cattivo nella storia è sempre un personaggio male.

The villain in the story is always an evil character.

Meaning: poorly

Ho dormito male stanotte.

I slept poorly last night.

Meaning: ill

Mio fratello si sente male e non può venire alla festa.

My brother feels ill and can't come to the party.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Oggi mi sento male.

A1: Today I feel bad.

A1: Ho dormito male stanotte.

A1: I slept badly last night.

A1: Mi dispiace, ho capito male.

A1: I'm sorry, I misunderstood.

B1: Il film è stato male recensito dai critici.

B1: The movie received bad reviews from the critics.

B1: Lui si è comportato male con me ieri sera.

B1: He behaved badly towards me last night.

B2: La situazione sta andando sempre più male.

B2: The situation is getting worse and worse.

B2: Non riesco a credere che tu abbia detto una cosa del genere. Ti stai proprio mettendo male!

B2: I can't believe you said something like that. You're really making a bad impression!

C1: Sono convinto che la tua decisione sia stata presa a malafede.

C1: I am convinced that your decision was made in bad faith.

C1: La sua salute sta peggiorando di giorno in giorno e le cose si mettono sempre più male.

C1: His health is deteriorating day by day and things are getting worse and worse.

C2: Nonostante i suoi sforzi, il progetto è andato male e ha causato una grande perdita finanziaria.

C2: Despite his efforts, the project went wrong and caused a huge financial loss.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian adverb 'male' translates to 'badly' in English. It is used to describe an action or behavior that is done in a negative or unsatisfactory manner.

In Italian, 'male' can be used to express the opposite of well or correctly. It indicates that something is not being done properly or efficiently.

For example, if someone says 'parlo male italiano,' it means 'I speak Italian badly.' This implies that the person's Italian language skills are not very good.

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