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Mangiare is an Italian verb that means 'to eat'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to eat

Mi piace mangiare la pizza.

I like to eat pizza.

Meaning: to consume

Devi mangiare più frutta e verdura.

You need to consume more fruits and vegetables.

Meaning: to corrode

L'acido sta mangiando il metallo.

The acid is corroding the metal.



  • io mangio
  • tu mangi
  • lui/lei mangia
  • noi mangiamo
  • voi mangiate
  • loro mangiano


  • io ho mangiato
  • tu hai mangiato
  • lui/lei ha mangiato
  • noi abbiamo mangiato
  • voi avete mangiato
  • loro hanno mangiato


  • io mangerò
  • tu mangerai
  • lui/lei mangerà
  • noi mangeremo
  • voi mangerete
  • loro mangeranno


  • io avevo mangiato
  • tu avevi mangiato
  • lui/lei aveva mangiato
  • noi avevamo mangiato
  • voi avevate mangiato
  • loro avevano mangiato

Simple Past

  • io mangiai
  • tu mangiasti
  • lui/lei mangiò
  • noi mangiammo
  • voi mangiaste
  • loro mangiarono


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A1: Io mangio una mela.

I eat an apple.

A2: Tu mangi la pizza.

You eat the pizza.

A2: Loro mangiano la pasta al pomodoro.

They eat tomato sauce pasta.

B1: Ieri ho mangiato una bistecca.

Yesterday I ate a steak.

B2: Domani mangeremo in un ristorante giapponese.

Tomorrow we will eat at a Japanese restaurant.

B2: Quando arrivi, avrò già mangiato.

When you arrive, I will have already eaten.

C1: Se non avessi mangiato tanto, sarei ancora affamato.

If I hadn't eaten so much, I would still be hungry.

C2: Dopo aver mangiato il dolce, abbiamo preso un caffè.

After eating dessert, we had coffee.

C2: Nonostante abbia già mangiato, mi piacerebbe assaggiare quel piatto.

Even though I've already eaten, I'd like to try that dish.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Mangiare is a very common verb in the Italian language. It is used to express the action of eating food, and it can be conjugated in different tenses and moods depending on the context and the subject of the sentence.

In Italian cuisine, mangiare plays a central role. Food is an important aspect of Italian culture, and Italians take pride in their culinary traditions. From pasta to pizza, from seafood to meat dishes, there are countless recipes that involve mangiare.

Moreover, mangiare is not only about satisfying hunger or nourishing the body. In Italy, meals are often seen as social events that bring people together and create a sense of community. Therefore, mangiare can also have a symbolic meaning of sharing, conviviality, and hospitality.

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