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Meaning: map

Ho bisogno di una mappa per trovare la strada.

I need a map to find the way.

Meaning: chart

La mappa mostra l'andamento dei prezzi nel corso degli anni.

The chart shows the price trend over the years.

Meaning: layout

Sto cercando una mappa per organizzare il layout della mia casa.

I'm looking for a layout to organize my house.

Meaning: plan

Abbiamo bisogno di una mappa per pianificare il progetto.

We need a plan to schedule the project.

Meaning: diagram

La mappa illustra le relazioni tra i diversi elementi del sistema.

The diagram illustrates the relationships between different elements of the system.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ho bisogno di una mappa per trovare la strada.

A1: I need a map to find the way.

A1: La mappa mostra tutti i monumenti della città.

A1: The map shows all the city's monuments.

A1: Hai una mappa del parco?

A1: Do you have a map of the park?

B1: Ho studiato la mappa prima di partire per il viaggio.

B1: I studied the map before leaving for the trip.

B1: Dobbiamo aggiornare la mappa con le nuove informazioni.

B1: We need to update the map with the new information.

B1: La mappa ti indica anche i percorsi alternativi da seguire.

B1: The map also shows you alternative routes to follow.

C1: La mappa interattiva consente di zoomare e visualizzare dettagli specifici.

C1: The interactive map allows you to zoom in and view specific details.

C1: La mappa geografica mostra l'andamento delle temperature nel corso dell'anno.

C1: The geographical map shows the temperature trends throughout the year.

C1: La mappa topografica fornisce informazioni dettagliate sul terreno e l'altitudine.

C1: The topographic map provides detailed information about the terrain and altitude.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'mappa' in Italian translates to 'map' in English. A map is a visual representation of an area, typically depicted on a flat surface, showing various features such as roads, cities, rivers, and other geographical or political boundaries.

Maps have been used for centuries to navigate and understand the world around us. They provide valuable information about the physical and cultural characteristics of a place, helping people find their way, plan routes, and explore new territories.

In addition to traditional paper maps, digital maps have become increasingly popular with the advancement of technology. These interactive maps can be accessed through computers, smartphones, and GPS devices, offering real-time navigation, satellite imagery, and other useful features.

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