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Meaning: morning

Mi piace fare una passeggiata al mattino.

I like to take a walk in the morning.

Meaning: dawn

Il sole sorge all'alba ogni mattina.

The sun rises at dawn every morning.

Meaning: daybreak

La luce del giorno comincia a filtrare all'inizio della mattina.

Daylight starts to filter in early in the morning.

Meaning: forenoon

Ho un appuntamento dal medico nella tarda mattinata.

I have a doctor's appointment in the late forenoon.

Meaning: morn

Buongiorno! Come è andata la tua mattina?

Good morning! How was your morn?


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A1: Oggi è una bella mattina.

Today is a beautiful morning.

A1: Mi piace fare colazione la mattina.

I like to have breakfast in the morning.

A2: La mattina presto mi alzo sempre tardi.

In the early morning, I always wake up late.

B1: Domani mattina andrò a fare la spesa.

Tomorrow morning, I will go grocery shopping.

B1: Durante la mattina ho lavorato sul progetto.

During the morning, I worked on the project.

B2: Quando ero giovane, facevo jogging ogni mattina.

When I was young, I used to go jogging every morning.

C1: Dopo aver fatto colazione, mi sono preparato per la mattinata di lavoro.

After having breakfast, I got ready for the work morning.

C1: La mattina seguente al concerto, mi sono svegliato con un forte mal di testa.

The morning after the concert, I woke up with a strong headache.

C2: Nonostante il sonno, il mio cervello era pienamente attivo sin dalle prime ore della mattina.

Despite the sleepiness, my brain was fully active since the early hours of the morning.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'mattina' translates to 'morning' in English. It refers to the period of time between dawn and noon, when the sun rises and daylight begins. The morning is typically associated with the start of a new day and is often characterized by a sense of freshness and renewal.

In Italian culture, the concept of 'mattina' holds significance as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Many Italians believe that how you spend your morning can greatly impact your overall well-being and productivity. It is common for Italians to have a leisurely breakfast in the morning, often consisting of coffee or cappuccino accompanied by pastries or bread.

Furthermore, 'mattina' is also used in various expressions and idioms in Italian. For example, 'buongiorno' is a common greeting used to wish someone a good morning, while 'alzarsi con il piede sbagliato' (literally meaning 'to get up on the wrong foot') refers to starting the day off in a bad mood or having a series of unfortunate events occur early in the morning.

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