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Meaning: doctor

Il medico ha prescritto dei farmaci per il raffreddore.

The doctor prescribed medication for the cold.

Meaning: physician

Il medico sta visitando il paziente in ospedale.

The physician is visiting the patient in the hospital.

Meaning: medical practitioner

Il medico di famiglia è sempre disponibile per le visite.

The medical practitioner is always available for appointments.

Meaning: surgeon

Il medico chirurgo sta preparando l'operazione.

The surgeon is preparing for the surgery.

Meaning: doctorate

Dopo molti anni di studio, finalmente ha conseguito il suo medico.

After many years of study, he finally obtained his doctorate.


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A1: Il medico cura i pazienti.

A1: The doctor treats the patients.

A1: Mia madre è una medico.

A1: My mother is a doctor.

A1: Ho un appuntamento con il medico domani.

A1: I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

B1: Il medico ha prescritto dei farmaci per la mia malattia.

B1: The doctor prescribed medication for my illness.

B1: Sono andato dal medico perché avevo mal di testa.

B1: I went to the doctor because I had a headache.

B2: Se non ti senti bene, dovresti consultare un medico.

B2: If you don't feel well, you should consult a doctor.

C1: Il medico mi avrebbe visitato se avessi prenotato l'appuntamento in anticipo.

C1: The doctor would have examined me if I had booked the appointment in advance.

C1: Dopo aver eseguito gli esami, il medico ha diagnosticato la malattia.

C1: After conducting the tests, the doctor diagnosed the illness.

C2: Il medico sta svolgendo una ricerca per trovare una cura per il cancro.

C2: The doctor is conducting research to find a cure for cancer.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'medico' is an Italian noun that translates to 'doctor' or 'physician' in English. It refers to a person who is trained and licensed to practice medicine, diagnose illnesses, and provide medical treatment to patients.

In Italy, the term 'medico' is commonly used to describe both general practitioners and specialists in various fields of medicine. These professionals undergo extensive education and training, typically earning a medical degree after completing several years of study at a university.

Medici play a crucial role in the healthcare system, providing primary care, managing chronic conditions, performing surgeries, prescribing medications, and offering preventive health services. They are responsible for examining patients, ordering diagnostic tests, interpreting results, and developing treatment plans tailored to individual needs.

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