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Meglio is an Italian adverb that translates to 'better' in English. It is used to indicate an improvement or a preference for one thing over another.

Part of speech



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Meaning: better

Mi piacerebbe mangiare qualcosa di meglio stasera.

I would like to eat something better tonight.

Meaning: rather

Preferirei andare al cinema, ma se vuoi possiamo fare altro.

I would rather go to the cinema, but if you want we can do something else.

Meaning: more

Ho bisogno di più tempo per finire questo lavoro.

I need more time to finish this work.

Meaning: best

Questo è il modo migliore per risolvere il problema.

This is the best way to solve the problem.


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A1: Meglio tardi che mai.

Better late than never.

A1: È meglio studiare prima dell'esame.

It's better to study before the exam.

A1: Meglio restare a casa quando si è malati.

It's better to stay at home when you're sick.

B1: Penso che sia meglio andare al cinema stasera.

I think it's better to go to the movies tonight.

B1: Spero che tu abbia scelto la soluzione migliore.

I hope you have chosen the best solution.

B1: È meglio che tu ti sbrighi se vuoi arrivare in tempo.

You'd better hurry if you want to arrive on time.

C1: Se avessi saputo prima, avrei fatto meglio.

If I had known earlier, I would have done better.

C1: Non credo che ci sia un modo migliore per risolvere il problema.

I don't think there is a better way to solve the problem.

C1: Dovresti prendere in considerazione l'opzione migliore per massimizzare i profitti.

You should consider the best option to maximize profits.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, meglio is often used in comparison to something else. For example, 'questo vino è meglio di quello' means 'this wine is better than that one.' It can also be used to express a preference, such as 'preferisco stare a casa, ma se devo uscire, meglio andare al cinema' which means 'I prefer to stay at home, but if I have to go out, it's better to go to the cinema.'

Meglio can also be used in idiomatic expressions, such as 'meglio tardi che mai' which means 'better late than never.' In this case, the word meglio is not necessarily referring to a comparison between two things, but rather emphasizing the importance of doing something even if it's later than expected.

It's important to note that meglio is an adverb and therefore modifies verbs. It cannot be used as an adjective or a noun. Additionally, it has different forms depending on the gender and number of the noun it refers to. For example, 'meglio di te' means 'better than you,' while 'migliori amici' means 'best friends.'

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