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Meno is an Italian adverb that means 'less' or 'minus'. It is used to indicate a decrease in quantity, degree, or intensity.

Part of speech



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Meaning: less

Ho meno soldi di te.

I have less money than you.

Meaning: fewer

Ci sono meno persone oggi rispetto a ieri.

There are fewer people today compared to yesterday.

Meaning: minus

Due meno uno fa uno.

Two minus one equals one.

Meaning: except

Tutti sono andati, meno me.

Everyone left, except for me.


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A1: Ho meno soldi di te.

A1: I have less money than you.

A1: Voglio mangiare meno dolci.

A1: I want to eat fewer sweets.

A1: Lui lavora meno di me.

A1: He works less than me.

B1: Ho studiato meno di quanto avrei voluto.

B1: I studied less than I would have liked.

B1: La situazione è migliorata meno di quanto speravamo.

B1: The situation has improved less than we hoped.

B1: Meno male che hai chiamato la polizia!

B1: Thank goodness you called the police!

C1: Se fossi arrivato meno tardi, ti avrei aspettato.

C1: If you had arrived less late, I would have waited for you.

C1: Speravo che il progetto richiedesse meno tempo.

C1: I was hoping that the project would take less time.

C1: Non ho mai visto un film meno interessante di questo.

C1: I have never seen a less interesting movie than this one.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, meno is commonly used in mathematical expressions to indicate subtraction. For example, '5 meno 3' would be translated as '5 minus 3'. However, it can also be used in everyday language to express a reduction in something. For instance, 'ho meno soldi oggi' means 'I have less money today'.

Meno can also be used to compare two things and express the idea of 'less than'. For example, 'questo vestito costa meno di quello' means 'this dress costs less than that one'. In this case, meno is often accompanied by the preposition di.

Finally, meno can be combined with other adverbs to create more complex expressions. For instance, 'meno male' is a common phrase that means 'thank goodness' or 'it's a good thing', while 'meno male che c'è l'ombrello' means 'it's a good thing there's an umbrella'.

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