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Meraviglia is an Italian noun that translates to 'wonder' or 'marvel'. It refers to something that is awe-inspiring, extraordinary, or amazing.

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Meaning: Wonder

La meraviglia di un tramonto sul mare.

The wonder of a sunset over the sea.

Meaning: Marvel

Guardare una cascata è una vera meraviglia.

Watching a waterfall is a true marvel.

Meaning: Amazement

Ho provato una grande meraviglia quando ho visto il mio regalo di compleanno.

I felt great amazement when I saw my birthday gift.

Meaning: Astonishment

La sua abilità nel suonare il pianoforte mi ha lasciato senza parole, era una vera meraviglia.

His ability to play the piano left me speechless, it was a true astonishment.

Meaning: Admiration

Ho sempre avuto molta meraviglia per la sua capacità di risolvere i problemi.

I have always had a lot of admiration for his problem-solving skills.


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La meraviglia è un sentimento positivo.

Wonder is a positive feeling.

Mi ha colpito la meraviglia dei bambini di fronte al mare.

I was struck by the wonder of the children in front of the sea.

La bellezza del paesaggio mi riempie di meraviglia.

The beauty of the landscape fills me with wonder.

Sono rimasto meravigliato dallo spettacolo di luci e suoni.

I was amazed by the spectacle of lights and sounds.

La scoperta scientifica ha suscitato grande meraviglia nella comunità scientifica.

The scientific discovery has aroused great wonder in the scientific community.

È una meraviglia come riesca a risolvere i problemi così rapidamente.

It's a wonder how he manages to solve problems so quickly.

Il film mi ha lasciato senza parole, è una vera meraviglia cinematografica.

The movie left me speechless, it's a true cinematic wonder.

L'artista ha creato un'opera d'arte che è una meraviglia per gli occhi.

The artist created a work of art that is a marvel for the eyes.

La meraviglia della natura non smette mai di stupire.

The wonder of nature never ceases to amaze.

Advanced Description

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The word meraviglia comes from the Latin mirabilia, which means 'marvelous things'. In Italian, it can be used to describe a wide range of experiences and phenomena that evoke wonder and amazement. For example, one might use the word to describe a breathtaking view, a stunning work of art, or an incredible performance.

In Italian culture, meraviglia is highly valued as a source of inspiration and beauty. It is often associated with the concept of la dolce vita, or 'the sweet life', which emphasizes the enjoyment of simple pleasures and the appreciation of beauty in all its forms. The word also has religious connotations, as it is used in Catholicism to refer to miracles and other supernatural events.

Overall, meraviglia is a word that captures the essence of wonder and amazement. Whether you are admiring a beautiful sunset, listening to a moving piece of music, or simply enjoying the company of loved ones, this word reminds us to appreciate the marvels of life and find joy in the world around us.

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