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Meaning: metal

Il metallo è un buon conduttore di elettricità.

Metal is a good conductor of electricity.

Meaning: metalloid

Il boro è un esempio di metalloide.

Boron is an example of a metalloid.

Meaning: alloy

L'ottone è una lega di rame e zinco.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.


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A1: Il metallo è un materiale solido e resistente.

A1: Metal is a solid and resistant material.

A1: Ho comprato una collana di metallo.

A1: I bought a metal necklace.

A1: La chiave è fatta di metallo.

A1: The key is made of metal.

B1: L'industria del metallo sta attraversando una crisi economica.

B1: The metal industry is going through an economic crisis.

B1: Questo orologio è realizzato con un mix di metalli preziosi.

B1: This watch is made with a mix of precious metals.

B2: Dovremmo riciclare più metalli per ridurre l'inquinamento ambientale.

B2: We should recycle more metals to reduce environmental pollution.

C1: La corrosione dei metalli può essere prevenuta tramite l'applicazione di uno strato protettivo.

C1: Metal corrosion can be prevented by applying a protective layer.

C1: La scienza dei materiali studia le proprietà dei metalli e delle leghe metalliche.

C1: Materials science studies the properties of metals and metal alloys.

C2: L'oro è un metallo molto prezioso e viene utilizzato per creare gioielli di lusso.

C2: Gold is a very precious metal and is used to create luxury jewelry.

Advanced Description

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The word "metallo" is an Italian noun that translates to "metal" in English. It refers to a solid material that is typically hard, shiny, malleable, and ductile, with good electrical and thermal conductivity. Metals are commonly found in nature and have been used by humans for thousands of years for various purposes.

Metals play a crucial role in many aspects of our daily lives. They are widely used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, and electronics. For example, metals like steel and aluminum are used to build structures and vehicles, while copper and gold are used in electrical wiring and circuitry. Additionally, metals have important applications in medicine, jewelry making, and even art.

The study of metals and their properties is known as metallurgy. Metallurgists work to understand the behavior of metals under different conditions and develop new alloys and techniques for metal processing. This field has led to significant advancements in materials science and engineering, enabling the creation of stronger, lighter, and more durable metal products.

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