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Migliaia is an Italian noun that translates to thousands in English. It refers to a large number or quantity of something.

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Meaning: Thousands

Ci sono migliaia di persone al concerto.

There are thousands of people at the concert.

Meaning: Thousands (in a figurative sense)

Il film ha ricevuto migliaia di recensioni positive.

The movie has received thousands of positive reviews.

Meaning: Thousands (in a hyperbolic sense)

Ho aspettato per migliaia di ore!

I waited for thousands of hours!


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A1: Ci sono migliaia di stelle nel cielo.

A1: There are thousands of stars in the sky.

A1: Ho comprato migliaia di libri per la mia collezione.

A1: I bought thousands of books for my collection.

A1: Le migliaia di persone hanno applaudito alla fine dello spettacolo.

A1: The thousands of people applauded at the end of the show.

B1: Ogni giorno migliaia di turisti visitano questa città.

B1: Every day thousands of tourists visit this city.

B1: Negli ultimi anni, il numero di studenti universitari è aumentato di migliaia.

B1: In recent years, the number of university students has increased by thousands.

B2: Hanno costruito un nuovo ponte che può sopportare il passaggio di migliaia di veicoli al giorno.

B2: They built a new bridge that can withstand the passage of thousands of vehicles per day.

C1: Migliaia di persone si sono radunate in piazza per protestare contro la nuova legge.

C1: Thousands of people gathered in the square to protest against the new law.

C1: La compagnia ha perso migliaia di euro a causa della crisi economica.

C1: The company lost thousands of euros due to the economic crisis.

C2: La migliaia di documenti raccolti durante l'indagine ha fornito prove decisive contro l'imputato.

C2: The thousands of documents collected during the investigation provided decisive evidence against the defendant.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, migliaia is used to describe a quantity that is too large to count easily. For example, if you were talking about the number of people attending a concert, you might say there were migliaia di persone (thousands of people) present. This gives the listener an idea of the scale of the event without having to give an exact number.

The word migliaia can also be used in other contexts, such as when talking about money or distance. For instance, if someone said they had spent migliaia di euro (thousands of euros), it would mean they had spent a lot of money. Similarly, if someone was describing a road trip and said they had driven for migliaia di chilometri (thousands of kilometers), it would indicate that they had traveled a great distance.

It's worth noting that while migliaia is the plural form of migliaio (thousand), it doesn't necessarily refer to exactly 2,000 or more items. Instead, it's used as a general term for any large quantity that is difficult to count precisely.

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