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Meaning: mine (underground excavation for extracting minerals)

La miniera di carbone è stata chiusa a causa della riduzione della domanda.

The coal mine has been closed due to reduced demand.

Meaning: mine (explosive device)

Hanno disinnescato la miniera prima che potesse esplodere.

They defused the mine before it could explode.

Meaning: mine (source of wealth or valuable resources)

Quella regione è una vera miniera di talenti musicali.

That region is a real mine of musical talents.


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A1: La miniera è profonda.

A1: The mine is deep.

A1: La miniera è abbandonata da anni.

A1: The mine has been abandoned for years.

A1: La miniera è pericolosa.

A1: The mine is dangerous.

B1: Hanno aperto una nuova miniera nella regione.

B1: They have opened a new mine in the region.

B2: La miniera era stata chiusa per mancanza di fondi.

B2: The mine had been closed due to lack of funds.

B2: Stanno esplorando la miniera alla ricerca di nuovi giacimenti.

B2: They are exploring the mine in search of new deposits.

C1: La miniera sarà sfruttata per l'estrazione di metalli preziosi.

C1: The mine will be exploited for the extraction of precious metals.

C1: Durante la guerra, la miniera fu utilizzata come nascondiglio segreto.

C1: During the war, the mine was used as a secret hideout.

C2: La miniera ha subito un crollo improvviso a causa delle scarse misure di sicurezza.

C2: The mine suffered a sudden collapse due to poor safety measures.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'miniera' in Italian translates to 'mine' in English. It refers to an excavation or a pit from which minerals, metals, or precious stones are extracted.

Miniere can be found all over the world and have been used for centuries as a means of obtaining valuable resources. They can vary in size and depth depending on the type of mineral being mined and the method of extraction.

Miniere can be both open-pit mines, where the mineral is extracted from the surface, or underground mines, where tunnels are dug to reach the deposits. The mining industry plays a crucial role in the global economy and has significant environmental and social impacts.

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