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Minuto is an Italian noun that translates to minute in English. It refers to a unit of time measurement equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour.

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Meaning: minute (unit of time)

Ho aspettato per dieci minuti.

I waited for ten minutes.

Meaning: minute (small measurement)

Il diametro del fiore è di un minuto.

The diameter of the flower is one minute.

Meaning: minute (detailed or precise)

La presentazione era piena di dettagli minutissimi.

The presentation was full of very minute details.

Meaning: minute (meeting record)

Prendi nota dei punti salienti della riunione nel minuto.

Take note of the key points of the meeting in the minute.


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A1: Ho aspettato dieci minuti per il bus.

A1: I waited ten minutes for the bus.

A1: Mia sorella ha cucinato la pasta per cinque minuti.

A1: My sister cooked the pasta for five minutes.

A2: Il film dura centoventi minuti.

A2: The movie lasts one hundred and twenty minutes.

B1: Sono uscito di casa un minuto fa.

B1: I left home one minute ago.

B1: Ho lavorato per sessanta minuti e poi ho preso una pausa.

B1: I worked for sixty minutes and then took a break.

B2: Quando arriverai, saranno passati già trenta minuti dall'inizio della riunione.

B2: When you arrive, thirty minutes will have already passed since the beginning of the meeting.

C1: Dopo aver studiato per diversi minuti, mi sono reso conto che non capivo nulla.

C1: After studying for several minutes, I realized that I didn't understand anything.

C1: Se avessi un minuto in più, finirei questo progetto oggi stesso.

C1: If I had one more minute, I would finish this project today.

C2: Dopo aver discusso per oltre un'ora, siamo finalmente arrivati a un minuto di pace.

C2: After arguing for over an hour, we finally reached a minute of peace.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the word minuto is commonly used to refer to both time and size. When referring to time, it can be used in various contexts such as cooking, sports, music, and everyday life. For example, when cooking pasta, the instructions may say to boil it for 10 minutes or 'dieci minuti' in Italian. In sports, a game may have added time of 5 minutes or 'cinque minuti' due to stoppages. In music, a song may have a duration of 3 minutes or 'tre minuti'.

When referring to size, minuto means small or tiny. This usage is common in the fashion industry where clothing sizes are often labeled with Italian words. For instance, a shirt labeled 'taglia minuta' would mean extra small. Similarly, a coffee ordered as 'caffè minuto' would be a small espresso shot.

It's worth noting that the plural form of minuto is 'minuti'. Also, in some regions of Italy, particularly in the south, the word 'minuto' can also mean impatient or irritable. Therefore, context is key when interpreting the meaning of this word.

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