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Misurare is an Italian verb that means to measure. It refers to the act of determining the size, quantity, or degree of something using a standard unit of measurement.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to measure

Devo misurare la distanza tra le due città.

I need to measure the distance between the two cities.

Meaning: to gauge

Dobbiamo misurare l'opinione pubblica sulla questione.

We need to gauge public opinion on the matter.

Meaning: to size up

Mi piace misurare le persone prima di fidarmi di loro.

I like to size up people before trusting them.

Meaning: to weigh

Misura bene i pro e i contro prima di prendere una decisione.

Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

Meaning: to evaluate

È importante misurare il successo del progetto.

It's important to evaluate the success of the project.



  • io misuro
  • tu misuri
  • lui/lei misura
  • noi misuriamo
  • voi misurate
  • loro misurano


  • io misurai
  • tu misurasti
  • lui/lei misurò
  • noi misurammo
  • voi misuraste
  • loro misurarono


  • io misurerò
  • tu misurerai
  • lui/lei misurerà
  • noi misureremo
  • voi misurerete
  • loro misureranno


  • io avevo misurato
  • tu avevi misurato
  • lui/lei aveva misurato
  • noi avevamo misurato
  • voi avevate misurato
  • loro avevano misurato

Simple Past

  • io misurai
  • tu misurasti
  • lui/lei misurò
  • noi misurammo
  • voi misuraste
  • loro misurarono


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A1: Misuro la lunghezza del tavolo.

A1: I measure the length of the table.

A1: Mia madre misura il suo zucchero prima di cucinare.

A1: My mother measures her sugar before cooking.

A2: Ho misurato il mio peso questa mattina.

A2: I measured my weight this morning.

B1: Misurerò la temperatura dell'acqua con un termometro.

B1: I will measure the water temperature with a thermometer.

B1: Sto misurando il tempo che ci vuole per completare questo compito.

B1: I am measuring the time it takes to complete this task.

B2: Hai mai misurato la velocità della tua connessione internet?

B2: Have you ever measured the speed of your internet connection?

C1: Quando arriverai, avrò già misurato le dimensioni della stanza.

C1: By the time you arrive, I will have already measured the dimensions of the room.

C1: Dopo aver misurato l'altezza del bambino, abbiamo notato una crescita significativa.

C1: After measuring the height of the child, we noticed a significant growth.

C2: Se avessi misurato correttamente la distanza, non saremmo andati fuori strada.

C2: If we had measured the distance correctly, we wouldn't have gotten lost.

Advanced Description

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Misurare is a fundamental concept in many fields, including science, engineering, and construction. In these areas, accurate measurements are essential for ensuring safety, quality, and reliability. For example, engineers use precise measurements to design buildings and machines that can withstand stress and perform their intended functions. Scientists use measurements to gather data and test hypotheses about the natural world.

In addition to its technical applications, misurare also has everyday uses. People use measurements to cook food, mix drinks, and determine clothing sizes. They also use measurements to plan and track personal goals, such as weight loss or fitness progress. In all cases, misurare involves comparing an object or quantity to a known standard in order to obtain a numerical value.

Misurare can be performed using a variety of tools and techniques depending on the context. Common measuring instruments include rulers, tape measures, scales, thermometers, and timers. More advanced methods may involve lasers, sensors, or computer programs. Regardless of the method used, accurate misurare requires attention to detail and adherence to established standards.

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