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The Italian adjective 'moderno' means 'modern' in English. It refers to something that is current, up-to-date, or contemporary.

Part of speech



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Meaning: contemporary

Questo è un edificio moderno.

This is a contemporary building.

Meaning: modern

Il mio telefono è molto moderno.

My phone is very modern.

Meaning: up-to-date

La mia macchina è sempre moderna.

My car is always up-to-date.

Meaning: fashionable

Indossa sempre abiti molto moderni.

He always wears very fashionable clothes.

Meaning: stylish

La tua casa è davvero moderna e di classe.

Your house is really stylish and classy.


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A1: Questo è un libro moderno.

This is a modern book.

A1: Ho comprato una nuova macchina moderna.

I bought a new modern car.

A1: Il mio amico ha una casa moderna.

My friend has a modern house.

B1: La tecnologia moderna sta cambiando il mondo.

Modern technology is changing the world.

B1: Mi piace l'arte moderna perché è molto creativa.

I like modern art because it is very creative.

B1: I giovani di oggi hanno idee più moderne rispetto alle generazioni precedenti.

Today's youth have more modern ideas compared to previous generations.

C1: La società moderna si basa sempre di più sulla tecnologia.

Modern society is increasingly based on technology.

C1: L'architettura moderna si caratterizza per le linee pulite e i materiali innovativi.

Modern architecture is characterized by clean lines and innovative materials.

C1: Nel mondo del lavoro, è importante avere competenze moderne per rimanere competitivi.

In the world of work, it is important to have modern skills to remain competitive.

Advanced Description

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The word 'moderno' is derived from the Latin word 'modernus', which means 'of the present time'. In Italian, it is used to describe things that are considered new or innovative in comparison to older styles or designs.

When talking about art, architecture, or design, 'moderno' can refer to a style or movement that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This period was characterized by a departure from traditional forms and an embrace of new materials, technologies, and aesthetics.

In everyday language, 'moderno' can be used to describe anything that is considered modern or contemporary, such as fashion trends, technology, or lifestyle choices.

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