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Meaning: wife

Mia moglie è una brava cuoca.

My wife is a good cook.

Meaning: spouse

Il mio migliore amico ha appena sposato la sua moglie.

My best friend just married his spouse.

Meaning: woman

La moglie che ho incontrato al supermercato sembrava molto gentile.

The woman I met at the supermarket seemed very kind.


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La mia moglie è molto bella.

My wife is very beautiful.

Mia moglie cucina molto bene.

My wife cooks very well.

Ho regalato un anello alla mia moglie per il nostro anniversario.

I gave a ring to my wife for our anniversary.

La tua moglie lavorava come avvocato prima di diventare mamma.

Your wife used to work as a lawyer before becoming a mother.

Quando tornerò a casa, mia moglie starà preparando la cena.

When I get home, my wife will be preparing dinner.

Spero che tu abbia una moglie felice e soddisfatta.

I hope you have a happy and satisfied wife.

La moglie del mio amico ha appena ottenuto una promozione al lavoro.

My friend's wife has just been promoted at work.

Mi piace passare del tempo con la mia moglie perché mi fa sentire felice.

I enjoy spending time with my wife because it makes me feel happy.

Sei sicuro che tua moglie sia d'accordo con questa decisione?

Are you sure your wife agrees with this decision?

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'moglie' translates to 'wife' in English. It is a feminine noun that refers to a married woman or female partner in a marriage or long-term committed relationship.

In Italian culture, the role of a moglie has traditionally been associated with taking care of the household and family. However, modern society has seen significant changes in gender roles and expectations, and many women now balance their roles as wives with careers and other responsibilities.

The term 'moglie' can also be used more broadly to refer to a female spouse or partner in a same-sex marriage or relationship.

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