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Montagna is an Italian noun that translates to mountain in English. It refers to a large landform that rises above the surrounding land and usually has steep sides and a peak.

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Meaning: mountain

La montagna più alta d'Italia è il Monte Bianco.

The highest mountain in Italy is Mont Blanc.

Meaning: range

Le Alpi sono una vasta catena di montagne che attraversa l'Europa.

The Alps are a vast range of mountains that stretches across Europe.

Meaning: hill

Siamo andati a fare una passeggiata sulla collina vicino al paese.

We went for a walk on the hill near the village.

Meaning: peak

Il gruppo di alpinisti ha raggiunto la vetta della montagna.

The group of climbers reached the peak of the mountain.

Meaning: slope

Gli sciatori si sono divertiti a scendere lungo le piste della montagna.

The skiers had fun going down the slopes of the mountain.


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A1: La montagna è alta.

The mountain is tall.

A1: Mi piace fare escursioni in montagna.

I like to go hiking in the mountains.

A2: La neve ha coperto la cima della montagna.

The snow covered the top of the mountain.

B1: Quando ero giovane, ho scalato molte montagne.

When I was young, I climbed many mountains.

B2: Siamo stati in montagna per una settimana e abbiamo fatto molte passeggiate.

We stayed in the mountains for a week and went on many walks.

B2: Domani partirò per la montagna dove trascorrerò le vacanze estive.

Tomorrow I will leave for the mountains where I will spend my summer vacation.

C1: La vista dalla cima della montagna era mozzafiato.

The view from the top of the mountain was breathtaking.

C2: Gli alpinisti hanno affrontato condizioni meteorologiche avverse durante l'ascesa della montagna.

The climbers faced adverse weather conditions during their ascent of the mountain.

C2: La catena montuosa delle Alpi si estende attraverso otto paesi europei.

The Alpine mountain range stretches across eight European countries.

Advanced Description

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Italy is home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, and montagna is the word used to describe them. These majestic peaks can be found throughout Italy, from the Alps in the north to the Apennines that run down the length of the country. Montagna is not just a physical feature, but also a cultural one, as it has played an important role in Italian history and folklore.

The montagna has always been an important part of Italian life. For centuries, people have lived in the mountains, carving out a living from the rugged terrain. Many of these communities are still thriving today, with their own unique cultures and traditions. In addition to being home to many small towns and villages, the montagna is also a popular destination for tourists who come to hike, ski, or simply enjoy the stunning views.

While the montagna is undoubtedly beautiful, it can also be dangerous. The steep terrain and unpredictable weather can make hiking or climbing treacherous, and avalanches are a constant threat during the winter months. Despite these risks, however, many Italians feel a deep connection to their mountains and continue to explore them year after year.

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