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"morire" Italian translation




to die

Part of speech



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Meaning: to die

Il vecchio morì tranquillamente nel suo sonno.

The old man died peacefully in his sleep.

Meaning: to wither

Le foglie dell'albero sono morte a causa della siccità.

The leaves of the tree withered due to drought.

Meaning: to fade

I colori del dipinto sono morti col passare del tempo.

The colors of the painting faded over time.

Meaning: to go out

La luce si è spenta improvvisamente.

The light went out suddenly.



  • io muoio
  • tu muori
  • lui/lei muore
  • noi moriamo
  • voi morite
  • loro muoiono


  • io morivo
  • tu morivi
  • lui/lei moriva
  • noi morivamo
  • voi morivate
  • loro morivano


  • io morirò
  • tu morirai
  • lui/lei morirà
  • noi moriremo
  • voi morirete
  • loro moriranno


  • io ero morto/a
  • tu eri morto/a
  • lui/lei era morto/a
  • noi eravamo morti/e
  • voi eravate morti/e
  • loro erano morti/e

Simple Past

  • io morii
  • tu moristi
  • lui/lei morì
  • noi morimmo
  • voi moriste
  • loro morirono


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A1: Io muoio di fame.

A1: I am starving.

A1: Lui muore dal ridere.

A1: He is dying of laughter.

A1: Lei è morta di paura.

A1: She died of fear.

B1: Il vecchio signore morì serenamente nella sua casa.

B1: The old man died peacefully in his house.

B2: Morirai di freddo se non indossi un cappotto.

B2: You will freeze to death if you don't wear a coat.

B2: Sono morti tutti i sogni che avevo da bambino.

B2: All the dreams I had as a child have died.

C1: Se avessi saputo che sarebbe morto così giovane, avrei fatto tutto diversamente.

C1: If I had known he would die so young, I would have done everything differently.

C1: Dopo aver morso il frutto proibito, Adamo ed Eva furono cacciati dal paradiso.

C1: After biting the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise.

C2: Non importa quanto tu cerchi di nasconderti dalla morte, alla fine ti raggiungerà.

C2: No matter how much you try to hide from death, it will eventually catch up with you.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian verb 'morire' means 'to die'. It is a regular verb that belongs to the second conjugation. Like other verbs in this conjugation, 'morire' follows a specific pattern when it is conjugated in different tenses and moods.

In Italian, 'morire' is used to express the act of dying or ceasing to live. It can refer to both humans and animals. The verb can be used in various contexts, such as talking about someone's death, expressing condolences, or discussing mortality.

It is important to note that 'morire' is an intransitive verb, which means it does not take a direct object. Instead, it is often followed by prepositions like 'di' (of) or 'per' (for), indicating the cause or reason for someone's death.

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