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Meaning: motorcycle

Ho comprato una nuova moto.

I bought a new motorcycle.

Meaning: motto

Il mio motto è vivere e imparare.

My motto is to live and learn.

Meaning: engine

Il motore della macchina fa un rumore strano.

The engine of the car is making a strange noise.

Meaning: motion

La moto delle onde mi rilassa.

The motion of the waves relaxes me.


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Ho una moto rossa.

I have a red motorcycle.

La mia amica ha comprato una nuova moto.

My friend bought a new motorcycle.

Mi piace guidare la moto in campagna.

I like riding the motorcycle in the countryside.

Sto cercando di riparare la mia vecchia moto.

I'm trying to fix my old motorcycle.

Se avessi più soldi, comprerei una moto più potente.

If I had more money, I would buy a more powerful motorcycle.

Dopo aver preso la patente, mio fratello ha deciso di acquistare una moto.

After getting his driver's license, my brother decided to buy a motorcycle.

Spero che tu abbia già provveduto a fare l'assicurazione per la tua nuova moto.

I hope you have already taken care of getting insurance for your new motorcycle.

Quando ero giovane, facevo gare di motocross ogni weekend.

When I was young, I used to do motocross races every weekend.

Prima di partire per il viaggio, controlla bene tutti i livelli della tua moto.

Before leaving for the trip, check all the levels of your motorcycle carefully.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun 'moto' refers to a motorcycle or motorbike. It is derived from the word 'motocicletta', which means motorbike in Italian.

In Italy, motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation due to their agility and ability to navigate through traffic. They are commonly used for commuting in urban areas and for recreational purposes in rural areas.

Motos are available in various types and sizes, ranging from small scooters to powerful sports bikes. They are known for their speed, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency.

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