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Meaning: nose (body part)

Mi sono rotto il naso giocando a calcio.

I broke my nose playing soccer.

Meaning: scent

Il naso di un cane è molto sensibile.

A dog's sense of smell is very sensitive.

Meaning: beak

Il naso dell'aquila è affilato e potente.

The eagle's beak is sharp and powerful.

Meaning: spout

La teiera ha un piccolo naso per versare il tè.

The teapot has a small spout for pouring tea.


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A1: Ho un naso lungo.

A1: I have a long nose.

A1: Il mio naso è freddo.

A1: My nose is cold.

A1: Mi prude il naso.

A1: My nose itches.

B1: Mia madre ha il naso rosso dal freddo.

B1: My mother has a red nose from the cold.

B1: Quando starnutisco, mi tappo il naso con un fazzoletto.

B1: When I sneeze, I cover my nose with a tissue.

B2: Ho fatto un intervento chirurgico al naso per correggere la deviazione del setto nasale.

B2: I had a nose surgery to correct the deviated septum.

C1: La fragranza dei fiori mi arriva dritta al naso.

C1: The fragrance of the flowers hits me right in the nose.

C1: Non sopporto l'odore della benzina, mi fa venire il mal di naso.

C1: I can't stand the smell of gasoline, it gives me a headache.

C2: Dopo aver mangiato cipolla, ho l'alito che puzza di naso.

C2: After eating onion, I have bad breath that smells like nose.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'naso' translates to 'nose' in English. It refers to the organ on the face that is used for breathing and smelling.

In human anatomy, the nose is located centrally on the face, above the mouth. It consists of two nostrils through which air enters and exits the body. The nose also contains olfactory receptors that allow us to detect different smells.

In addition to its physiological functions, the nose plays an important role in facial aesthetics. The shape and size of a person's nose can vary greatly, and it is often considered a defining feature of one's appearance.

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