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Meaning: nature

La natura è meravigliosa.

Nature is wonderful.

Meaning: character

Ha una natura gentile.

He has a gentle nature.

Meaning: essence

La natura di questo problema è complessa.

The essence of this problem is complex.

Meaning: type

Questo animale appartiene alla natura felina.

This animal belongs to the feline type.


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A1: La natura è bellissima.

A1: Nature is beautiful.

A1: Mi piace passeggiare in mezzo alla natura.

A1: I like to walk in nature.

A1: La natura ci offre tanti benefici.

A1: Nature provides us with many benefits.

B1: Ho trascorso una settimana immerso nella natura selvaggia.

B1: I spent a week immersed in the wild nature.

B1: La protezione della natura è fondamentale per il futuro del pianeta.

B1: The protection of nature is essential for the future of the planet.

B2: Sono sempre stato affascinato dalla diversità della natura.

B2: I have always been fascinated by the diversity of nature.

C1: La bellezza della natura mi lascia senza parole.

C1: The beauty of nature leaves me speechless.

C1: L'inquinamento sta danneggiando gravemente la natura circostante.

C1: Pollution is seriously damaging the surrounding nature.

C2: Gli scienziati stanno studiando l'interconnessione tra gli ecosistemi naturali.

C2: Scientists are studying the interconnection between natural ecosystems.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Natura is an Italian noun that translates to 'nature' in English. It refers to the physical world and everything that exists in it, including plants, animals, landscapes, and natural phenomena.

In Italian culture, natura holds a significant place as it represents the beauty and harmony found in the natural world. Italians have a deep appreciation for nature and often seek opportunities to connect with it through outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, and enjoying scenic landscapes.

The concept of natura also extends beyond the physical realm and encompasses the idea of the inherent qualities or essence of something. It can be used to describe the fundamental characteristics or traits of a person, object, or situation.

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