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Meaning: country

L'Italia è una nazione europea.

Italy is a European country.

Meaning: nation

La nazione si unì per celebrare l'indipendenza.

The nation came together to celebrate independence.

Meaning: state

La nazione ha adottato nuove politiche economiche.

The state has adopted new economic policies.

Meaning: homeland

Il soldato tornò nella sua nazione dopo la guerra.

The soldier returned to his homeland after the war.

Meaning: people

La nazione italiana è conosciuta per la sua cucina.

The Italian people are known for their cuisine.


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La mia nazione preferita è l'Italia.

My favorite nation is Italy.

La nazione ha celebrato il suo giorno dell'indipendenza.

The nation celebrated its Independence Day.

Sono orgoglioso di appartenere a questa nazione.

I am proud to belong to this nation.

La nazione sta affrontando una crisi economica.

The nation is facing an economic crisis.

La nazione ha adottato nuove politiche per la protezione dell'ambiente.

The nation has adopted new policies for environmental protection.

La nazione si è sviluppata rapidamente negli ultimi anni.

The nation has developed rapidly in recent years.

La nazione aveva già vinto tre medaglie d'oro alle Olimpiadi precedenti.

The nation had already won three gold medals in the previous Olympics.

La nazione sarà ospite dei prossimi giochi olimpici.

The nation will host the upcoming Olympic Games.

La nazione avrebbe potuto evitare la guerra se avesse cercato una soluzione pacifica.

The nation could have avoided the war if it had sought a peaceful solution.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "nazione" is an Italian noun that translates to "nation" in English. It refers to a large group of people who share common history, culture, language, and territory.

In Italy, the concept of "nazione" has played a significant role throughout its history. Italy was unified as a nation-state in 1861, bringing together various regions and city-states under one government. The idea of a unified Italian nation was driven by the desire to create a sense of national identity and overcome regional differences.

Today, the term "nazione" is used to describe not only Italy as a whole but also other sovereign states around the world. It encompasses the political, social, and cultural aspects that define a particular group of people as a distinct entity.

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