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Neve is an Italian noun that translates to 'snow' in English. It refers to the frozen precipitation that falls from the sky in cold weather conditions.

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Meaning: snow

La neve cade dolcemente dal cielo.

The snow falls gently from the sky.

Meaning: powdered sugar

Ho spolverato la torta con della neve di zucchero.

I dusted the cake with powdered sugar.

Meaning: foam

La schiuma del cappuccino sembra neve bianca.

The foam on the cappuccino looks like white snow.

Meaning: frosting

Ho decorato la torta con una copertura di neve bianca.

I decorated the cake with a white frosting.

Meaning: cocaine

La polizia ha sequestrato una grande quantità di neve.

The police seized a large quantity of cocaine.


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A1: La neve è bianca.

Snow is white.

A1: Oggi c'è la neve.

Today there is snow.

A2: Mi piace fare pupazzi di neve.

I like making snowmen.

B1: L'inverno scorso ha nevicato molto.

Last winter it snowed a lot.

B1: Se non piove, domani andiamo a sciare sulla neve fresca.

If it doesn't rain, tomorrow we'll go skiing on fresh snow.

B2: Quando ero bambino, ogni volta che nevicava mi divertivo un sacco.

When I was a child, every time it snowed I had a lot of fun.

C1: Nonostante la neve, abbiamo deciso di partire per la montagna.

Despite the snow, we decided to leave for the mountains.

C1: La neve alta ci impediva di camminare agevolmente.

The deep snow made it difficult for us to walk easily.

C2: Dopo giorni di nevicate incessanti, il paesaggio era completamente sommerso dalla neve.

After days of incessant snowfall, the landscape was completely covered in snow.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, neve is a common occurrence during the winter months, especially in the northern regions of the country where it can snow heavily. The snowfall can cause disruptions to transportation and daily life, but it also provides opportunities for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Neve is an important part of Italian culture and traditions. Many towns and cities hold winter festivals and events centered around the snow, such as the famous Carnevale di Venezia which takes place in Venice every year. Additionally, neve plays a significant role in Christmas celebrations with many Italians creating elaborate nativity scenes featuring miniature snowy landscapes.

While neve can be beautiful and enjoyable, it can also pose risks and dangers. Heavy snowfall can lead to avalanches and cause damage to buildings and infrastructure. In recent years, climate change has also had an impact on neve in Italy with some areas experiencing less snowfall than in the past.

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