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Nota is an Italian noun that translates to 'note' in English. It refers to a brief record of something that is written down for future reference or to communicate information.

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Meaning: note (musical)

Mi piace suonare la nota più alta sulla tastiera del pianoforte.

I like to play the highest note on the piano keyboard.

Meaning: note (written message)

Ho lasciato una nota sul tavolo per ricordarmi di comprare il latte.

I left a note on the table to remind myself to buy milk.

Meaning: grade (in school)

La mia ultima nota in matematica è stata un dieci.

My last grade in math was a ten.

Meaning: bill (money owed)

Devo ancora pagare la nota dell'ospedale.

I still have to pay the hospital bill.

Meaning: remark (observation or comment)

Il professore ha fatto una nota interessante durante la lezione.

The professor made an interesting remark during the lecture.


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Ho preso nota delle tue richieste.

I have taken note of your requests.

Non ho mai visto una nota così alta in matematica.

I have never seen such a high grade in math.

Mi piace scrivere note per ricordarmi le cose importanti.

I like to write notes to remind myself of important things.

La nota del professore mi ha sorpreso.

The professor's remark surprised me.

Devo prendere nota di tutte le informazioni importanti durante la riunione.

I need to take note of all the important information during the meeting.

Le sue parole hanno lasciato una nota di tristezza nell'aria.

Her words left a note of sadness in the air.

Il musicista ha suonato una nota sbagliata durante il concerto.

The musician played a wrong note during the concert.

La melodia è composta da una serie di note diverse.

The melody is composed of a series of different notes.

La sua voce ha una nota particolarmente dolce.

His voice has a particularly sweet note.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In music, nota is commonly used to refer to a musical note. A musical note is a symbol representing a specific pitch and duration of sound. In Western music notation, there are seven basic notes: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Each note can be modified by adding accidentals such as sharps (#) or flats (b). Nota is also used in the context of solfeggio, which is a system of naming pitches using syllables like do, re, mi, etc.

In accounting and finance, nota is used to refer to a note or memorandum that provides additional information about financial statements. These notes can include details about accounting policies, contingencies, or other relevant information that may not be included in the main financial statements. The purpose of these notes is to provide transparency and clarity for stakeholders who are interested in understanding the financial health of an organization.

In everyday language, nota can refer to any kind of written reminder or message. For example, you might leave a nota for your roommate reminding them to take out the trash or write a nota to yourself as a way of keeping track of important tasks. Nota can also be used in the context of academic writing to refer to footnotes or endnotes that provide additional information or citations for sources referenced in the text.

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