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The Italian numeral 'nove' means the number nine in English.

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Meaning: Number 9

Il mio compleanno è il nove di marzo.

My birthday is on the ninth of March.

Meaning: Nine o'clock

Ci vediamo alle nove stasera.

See you at nine tonight.

Meaning: Nine (in playing cards)

Ho una mano con tre nove.

I have a hand with three nines.

Meaning: Ninth

Lui è arrivato al nono posto nella gara.

He came in ninth place in the race.

Meaning: Nine (in sports jersey numbers)

Il suo numero di maglia è il nove.

His jersey number is nine.


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A1: Ho nove anni.

A1: I am nine years old.

A2: Ci sono nove persone nella stanza.

A2: There are nine people in the room.

A2: La mia squadra ha segnato nove gol.

A2: My team scored nine goals.

B1: Ho studiato per nove ore ieri.

B1: I studied for nine hours yesterday.

B2: Sono passati nove giorni da quando l'ho visto l'ultima volta.

B2: It has been nine days since I last saw him.

B2: Abbiamo bisogno di nove volontari per il progetto.

B2: We need nine volunteers for the project.

C1: Tra nove mesi mi laureerò.

C1: In nine months, I will graduate.

C1: Dopo nove anni insieme, si sono separati.

C1: After nine years together, they separated.

C2: Ha impiegato nove settimane per completare il romanzo.

C2: It took him nine weeks to complete the novel.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In the Italian language, numbers are an essential part of everyday life. Whether you're counting objects, telling time, or giving someone your phone number, knowing how to say and understand numbers is crucial. The word 'nove' is used to represent the number nine in Italian.

Like many other Romance languages, Italian uses a base-10 numbering system. This means that after reaching nine, the numbers continue by combining the words for ten and the subsequent digit. For example, eleven in Italian is 'undici', which combines 'uno' (one) and 'dieci' (ten). Understanding the word 'nove' is important for building a strong foundation in counting and understanding numbers in Italian.

Knowing how to pronounce and use the word 'nove' can also be helpful when talking about quantities or expressing dates in Italian. It's a fundamental numeral that can be used in various contexts, from simple arithmetic to more complex mathematical operations.

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