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Meaning: cloud

Il cielo era coperto di nubi grigie.

The sky was covered with gray clouds.

Meaning: haze

La città era avvolta nella nube di smog.

The city was enveloped in a haze of smog.

Meaning: flock

Una nube di uccelli volava nel cielo.

A flock of birds was flying in the sky.

Meaning: swarm

Le api formavano una nube intorno al fiore.

The bees formed a swarm around the flower.

Meaning: cluster

C'erano nubi di farfalle colorate nel giardino.

There were clusters of colorful butterflies in the garden.


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A1: La nube è bianca.

A1: The cloud is white.

A1: Le nuvole sono grigie.

A1: The clouds are gray.

A1: Guarda quella nube nel cielo!

A1: Look at that cloud in the sky!

B1: Oggi il cielo è coperto di nuvole.

B1: Today the sky is covered with clouds.

B1: Spero che si disperdano le nuvole presto.

B1: I hope the clouds disperse soon.

B2: Durante l'estate, spesso si formano temporali con nubi minacciose.

B2: During the summer, thunderstorms often form with threatening clouds.

C1: Le nuvole si stanno addensando, sembra che pioverà a breve.

C1: The clouds are thickening, it looks like it will rain soon.

C1: Dopo giorni di pioggia incessante, finalmente il sole ha squarciato le nubi.

C1: After days of incessant rain, the sun finally broke through the clouds.

C2: L'atmosfera era carica di elettricità mentre le nubi si addensavano minacciose.

C2: The atmosphere was charged with electricity as the menacing clouds thickened.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'nube' translates to 'cloud' in English. It refers to a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere.

Clouds are an essential part of Earth's weather system and play a crucial role in the water cycle. They form when warm air rises and cools, causing the water vapor to condense into tiny droplets or ice crystals. Clouds come in various shapes, sizes, and altitudes, and they can indicate different weather conditions.

Understanding clouds is important for meteorologists as they provide valuable information about current and future weather patterns. Cloud cover affects temperature, precipitation, and solar radiation, influencing climate on both local and global scales.

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