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The Italian adverb nuovo means new or recently acquired.

Part of speech



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Meaning: new

Ho comprato un vestito nuovo per la festa.

I bought a new dress for the party.

Meaning: recently

Ho visto un film nuovo al cinema.

I saw a recently released movie at the cinema.

Meaning: another

Vorrei provare un piatto nuovo dal menu.

I would like to try another dish from the menu.

Meaning: different

Questa è una nuova versione del software.

This is a different version of the software.


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A1: Ho comprato un nuovo libro.

I bought a new book.

A2: Questo è il mio nuovo amico.

This is my new friend.

A2: Mia sorella ha una nuova macchina.

My sister has a new car.

B1: Ho appena visto il nuovo film di Tarantino.

I just saw Tarantino's new movie.

B2: La mia azienda sta sviluppando un nuovo prodotto.

My company is developing a new product.

B2: Ho provato il nuovo ristorante giapponese e mi è piaciuto molto.

I tried the new Japanese restaurant and I really liked it.

C1: Il nuovo sistema operativo è stato lanciato ieri.

The new operating system was launched yesterday.

C1: La nuova politica economica del governo ha suscitato molte critiche.

The government's new economic policy has sparked many criticisms.

C2: Il nuovo romanzo dell'autore premio Nobel è stato accolto con entusiasmo dalla critica letteraria.

The Nobel Prize-winning author's new novel has been enthusiastically received by literary critics.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, nuovo is an adverb that describes something that is new or recently acquired. It can be used to describe a wide range of things, from physical objects like clothes or technology, to abstract concepts like ideas or relationships.

When used in conversation, nuovo can convey excitement or enthusiasm about something that is fresh and innovative. For example, someone might say "Ho comprato un vestito nuovo" (I bought a new dress) with a sense of pride or satisfaction.

It's important to note that the gender and number of the noun being modified by nuovo must match the adverb itself. So if you're describing a masculine singular noun, you would use the form nuovo; if it's feminine singular, you would use nuova; if it's masculine plural, you would use nuovi; and if it's feminine plural, you would use nuove.

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