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Occhio is an Italian noun that translates to 'eye' in English.

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Meaning: eye

Ho un occhio blu.

I have a blue eye.

Meaning: sight

La vista di questa montagna è incredibile.

The sight of this mountain is incredible.

Meaning: attention

Fai attenzione, occhio alle trappole!

Be careful, watch out for traps!

Meaning: hole

C'è un piccolo occhio nel muro.

There is a small hole in the wall.

Meaning: bud

Il fiore sta aprendo i suoi occhi.

The flower is opening its buds.


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A1: Ho un occhio blu e uno verde.

A1: I have one blue eye and one green eye.

A1: L'occhio umano può distinguere molti colori.

A1: The human eye can distinguish many colors.

A1: Quando mi guardi negli occhi, vedo l'amore.

A1: When you look into my eyes, I see love.

B1: Mia nonna ha un problema agli occhi e deve indossare gli occhiali.

B1: My grandmother has an eye problem and she has to wear glasses.

B1: Durante il concerto, ho notato che il cantante aveva un occhio nero.

B1: During the concert, I noticed that the singer had a black eye.

B2: Dopo aver studiato per ore davanti al computer, mi fa male agli occhi.

B2: After studying for hours in front of the computer, my eyes hurt.

C1: Il detective scrutò attentamente la scena del crimine con il suo occhio esperto.

C1: The detective carefully scrutinized the crime scene with his expert eye.

C1: La fotografa catturò l'essenza dell'anima di una persona attraverso lo sguardo dei suoi occhi.

C1: The photographer captured the essence of a person's soul through the gaze of their eyes.

C2: L'occhio clinico del medico gli permise di diagnosticare la malattia in una fase molto precoce.

C2: The doctor's clinical eye allowed him to diagnose the disease at a very early stage.

Advanced Description

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The word occhio is commonly used in the Italian language to refer to the organ of sight, which allows us to see the world around us. It is a vital part of our body and plays a crucial role in our daily lives. The word occhio can also be used metaphorically to refer to something that resembles or has the qualities of an eye, such as the eye of a needle or the eye of a storm.

In addition to its literal and metaphorical meanings, occhio is also used in several idiomatic expressions in Italian. For example, 'fare gli occhi dolci' means to make eyes at someone, while 'avere un occhio di riguardo' means to have a special consideration for someone or something. These expressions are important to know if you want to fully understand and communicate in Italian.

Overall, occhio is a versatile and important word in the Italian language. Whether you are talking about the physical organ of sight, using it metaphorically, or using one of its many idiomatic expressions, understanding the meaning and usage of this word is essential for anyone learning or speaking Italian.

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