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Meaning: offer

Ho ricevuto un'offerta di lavoro interessante.

I received an interesting job offer.

Meaning: bid

Il prezzo dell'offerta più alta è di 100 euro.

The price of the highest bid is 100 euros.

Meaning: discount

Questa settimana c'è un'offerta speciale del 20% su tutti i prodotti.

This week there is a special discount of 20% on all products.

Meaning: supply

L'offerta di energia elettrica è aumentata negli ultimi anni.

The supply of electricity has increased in recent years.

Meaning: proposition

Mi hanno fatto un'offerta che non posso rifiutare.

They made me an offer I can't refuse.


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A1: Ho ricevuto un'offerta per il mio vecchio telefono.

A1: I received an offer for my old phone.

A1: Abbiamo fatto un'offerta per la casa ma non è stata accettata.

A1: We made an offer for the house but it was not accepted.

A1: L'offerta di lavoro sembra interessante.

A1: The job offer seems interesting.

B1: Se accetti l'offerta, inizierai a lavorare il prossimo mese.

B1: If you accept the offer, you will start working next month.

B1: L'azienda ha presentato un'offerta competitiva per acquisire la società rivale.

B1: The company made a competitive offer to acquire the rival company.

B2: Dopo aver valutato tutte le offerte, abbiamo deciso di accettare quella più conveniente.

B2: After evaluating all the offers, we decided to accept the most advantageous one.

C1: L'offerta formativa dell'università è molto ampia e variegata.

C1: The university's educational offering is very broad and diverse.

C1: Il negozio sta facendo un'offerta speciale per il Black Friday.

C1: The store is making a special offer for Black Friday.

C2: L'offerta di lavoro che mi hanno fatto era così allettante che non ho potuto rifiutare.

C2: The job offer they made me was so tempting that I couldn't refuse.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'offerta' translates to 'offer' in English. It refers to a proposal or suggestion made to someone, usually with the intention of selling a product or service.

In Italy, 'offerta' is commonly used in the context of marketing and sales. Businesses often create special offers or promotions to attract customers and increase sales. These offers can include discounts, bundles, or other incentives to encourage people to make a purchase.

The word 'offerta' can also be used more broadly to describe any kind of proposal or bid, such as an offer made during negotiations or an offer of help or assistance.

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