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Oggetto is an Italian noun that translates to 'object' in English. It refers to a physical thing or item that can be seen, touched, or perceived by the senses.

Part of speech





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Meaning: object

Ho trovato un oggetto interessante al parco.

I found an interesting object in the park.

Meaning: item

Devo comprare alcuni oggetti per la casa.

I need to buy some items for the house.

Meaning: thing

Non so cosa sia quell'oggetto sul tavolo.

I don't know what that thing on the table is.

Meaning: subject

L'oggetto della mia tesi di laurea è l'intelligenza artificiale.

The subject of my thesis is artificial intelligence.

Meaning: target

Il mio obiettivo principale è raggiungere l'oggetto del mio desiderio.

My main goal is to achieve the target of my desire.


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A1: Ho un oggetto nuovo.

I have a new object.

A1: L'oggetto è sulla scrivania.

The object is on the desk.

A2: Non so che oggetto scegliere.

I don't know which object to choose.

B1: Ho comprato un oggetto usato online.

I bought a used object online.

B2: L'oggetto che ho visto ieri era diverso da quello di oggi.

The object I saw yesterday was different from today's.

B2: Ho trovato l'oggetto che cercavo da tempo.

I found the object I had been looking for a long time.

C1: L'oggetto in questione è stato smarrito durante il trasporto.

The object in question was lost during transportation.

C2: L'oggetto d'arte è stato venduto all'asta per una cifra record.

The art object was sold at auction for a record amount.

C2: L'oggetto di studio dell'archeologo era un antico manufatto egizio.

The archaeologist's object of study was an ancient Egyptian artifact.

Advanced Description

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In everyday language, oggetto can refer to any kind of object, from small items like pens and keys to larger objects like furniture and cars. It is a versatile word that can be used in many different contexts.

In art and design, oggetto often refers to decorative objects or sculptures. These objects are created with the intention of being aesthetically pleasing rather than having a practical function.

In linguistics, oggetto is also used to describe the direct object of a sentence. This is the noun or pronoun that receives the action of the verb. For example, in the sentence 'I am reading a book', 'book' is the oggetto.

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