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Meaning: to operate

Il chirurgo deve operare il paziente.

The surgeon needs to operate on the patient.

Meaning: to work

Mio padre opera come ingegnere.

My father works as an engineer.

Meaning: to function

La macchina non opera correttamente.

The machine is not functioning properly.

Meaning: to perform

L'orchestra sta per operare una sinfonia di Beethoven.

The orchestra is about to perform a symphony by Beethoven.



  • io opero
  • tu operi
  • lui/lei opera
  • noi operiamo
  • voi operate
  • loro operano


  • io ho operato
  • tu hai operato
  • lui/lei ha operato
  • noi abbiamo operato
  • voi avete operato
  • loro hanno operato


  • io opererò
  • tu opererai
  • lui/lei opererà
  • noi opereremo
  • voi opererete
  • loro opereranno


  • io avevo operato
  • tu avevi operato
  • lui/lei aveva operato
  • noi avevamo operato
  • voi avevate operato
  • loro avevano operato

Simple Past

  • io operai
  • tu operasti
  • lui/lei operò
  • noi operammo
  • voi operaste
  • loro operarono


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A1: Io opero in un ospedale.

A1: I work in a hospital.

A1: Loro operano nel settore dell'informatica.

A1: They work in the IT sector.

A1: Noi operiamo per migliorare la qualità della vita delle persone.

A1: We work to improve people's quality of life.

B1: Mia madre ha operato il cuore due anni fa.

B1: My mother had heart surgery two years ago.

B1: Il chirurgo sta operando adesso.

B1: The surgeon is operating now.

B2: Dopo l'intervento, il paziente dovrà operarsi di nuovo tra sei mesi.

B2: After the surgery, the patient will have to undergo another operation in six months.

C1: Spero che tu abbia operato bene questa scelta.

C1: I hope you made the right decision.

C1: Gli investigatori stanno operando per risolvere il caso.

C1: The investigators are working to solve the case.

C2: Se avessi saputo prima, avrei operato diversamente.

C2: If I had known earlier, I would have acted differently.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian verb "operare" means "to operate" in English. It is a transitive verb that can be used to describe various actions related to operating or working with machinery, equipment, or systems.

In a broader sense, "operare" can also refer to performing or carrying out a task, action, or function. This can include activities such as conducting surgery, managing a business or organization, or even executing a plan or strategy.

Additionally, "operare" can be used figuratively to describe the act of exerting influence or making an impact on something or someone. It can imply taking action, making changes, or having an effect on a situation.

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