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'opposto' is an Italian adjective that translates to 'opposite' in English. It is used to describe something or someone that is completely different or contrary to another thing or person.

Part of speech



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Meaning: opposite

La casa è situata dall'altro lato della strada.

The house is located on the other side of the street.

Meaning: opposed

Siamo opposti su questa questione.

We are opposed on this issue.

Meaning: contrary

Le sue azioni sono sempre opposte alle sue parole.

His actions are always contrary to his words.

Meaning: reverse

Devi guidare in retromarcia per uscire dal parcheggio.

You need to drive in reverse to exit the parking lot.

Meaning: counter

Ho bisogno di un antidoto per neutralizzare l'effetto del veleno.

I need an antidote to counteract the effect of the poison.


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A1: Il gatto è opposto al cane.

The cat is opposite the dog.

A1: La finestra è aperta, ma la porta è opposta.

The window is open, but the door is closed.

A1: Siamo seduti all'opposto del tavolo.

We are sitting on the opposite side of the table.

B1: La mia opinione sull'argomento è opposta alla tua.

My opinion on the topic is opposite to yours.

B1: I due partiti politici hanno idee opposte sulla questione ambientale.

The two political parties have opposing ideas on the environmental issue.

B1: Ho cercato di convincerlo, ma lui ha reagito in modo opposto alle mie aspettative.

I tried to convince him, but he reacted in an opposite way to my expectations.

C1: Le loro personalità sono agli antipodi, sono completamente opposti l'uno all'altro.

Their personalities are poles apart, they are completely opposite to each other.

C1: Non riesco a capire come possa avere un punto di vista così opposto al mio.

I can't understand how he can have such an opposing point of view to mine.

C1: La situazione è andata nella direzione opposta rispetto alle previsioni degli esperti.

The situation went in the opposite direction to the experts' predictions.

Advanced Description

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The word 'opposto' can be used in various contexts to indicate a contrast or opposition between two things. For example, if you want to say that two objects are on opposite sides of each other, you can use the phrase 'lato opposto', which means 'opposite side'.

In terms of personality traits, 'opposto' can be used to describe individuals who have contrasting characteristics or behaviors. For instance, you might say that two people have opposite personalities if one is introverted and the other is extroverted.

Additionally, 'opposto' can also be used to express disagreement or contradiction. If someone expresses an opinion that is completely contrary to yours, you could say 'Ho un'opinione opposta', meaning 'I have an opposite opinion'.

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