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Ora is an Italian noun that translates to 'hour' or 'time' in English.

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Meaning: time

Che ora è?

What time is it?

Meaning: now

Devo andare ora.

I have to go now.

Meaning: hour

Ho lavorato per molte ore oggi.

I worked for many hours today.

Meaning: moment

Aspetta un'ora, arrivo subito.

Wait a moment, I'll be right there.


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A1: Ora è il momento di andare a letto.

Now it's time to go to bed.

A1: L'ora del pranzo è alle 12:30.

Lunchtime is at 12:30.

A1: Ho un appuntamento con il dentista tra un'ora.

I have a dentist appointment in an hour.

B1: Mia madre lavora come insegnante d'inglese da dieci anni ormai.

My mother has been working as an English teacher for ten years now.

B1: Dopo aver finito l'università, ho deciso di fare un anno sabbatico per viaggiare.

After finishing university, I decided to take a gap year to travel.

B1: Sono stato in ospedale per due ore prima che mi dicessero cosa avevo.

I was at the hospital for two hours before they told me what I had.

C1: Prima di partire per la riunione, ti prego di controllare l'orario dei treni.

Before leaving for the meeting, please check the train schedule.

C1: Questo progetto richiederà molte ore di lavoro e impegno da parte di tutti noi.

This project will require many hours of work and commitment from all of us.

C1: Dopo aver studiato per mesi, finalmente ho superato l'esame di certificazione.

After studying for months, I finally passed the certification exam.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, ora is commonly used to refer to a specific time of day. For example, if someone asks 'Che ora è?' they are asking for the current time. Italians also use ora when making appointments or scheduling events. It's important to note that in Italy, time is often viewed as more flexible than in other cultures, so it's not uncommon for appointments to start a few minutes late.

Ora can also be used to express the idea of 'now' or 'at this moment.' For instance, if someone says 'Ora vado al cinema,' they mean 'I'm going to the movies now.' This usage of ora emphasizes immediacy and urgency.

Finally, ora can be used in idiomatic expressions such as 'tutto l'ora,' which means 'all the time,' or 'a quest'ora,' which means 'by this time.' These expressions are useful to know for understanding everyday conversation in Italian.

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