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The Italian noun ordine refers to an arrangement or organization of things, often in a specific sequence or hierarchy.

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Meaning: order (arrangement)

Ho messo i libri in ordine sulla mensola.

I put the books in order on the shelf.

Meaning: order (command)

Il generale ha dato l'ordine di attaccare.

The general gave the order to attack.

Meaning: order (request for goods or services)

Ho fatto un ordine online per dei vestiti.

I placed an online order for some clothes.

Meaning: order (sequence)

Ricorda l'ordine delle operazioni matematiche.

Remember the order of mathematical operations.

Meaning: order (rank or position)

È stato promosso all'ordine di tenente colonnello.

He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel.


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Ho fatto un ordine online.

I placed an online order.

Mi piace mantenere l'ordine nella mia casa.

I like to keep my house tidy.

Hai ricevuto il mio ordine?

Did you receive my order?

L'ordine dei fattori non altera il prodotto.

The order of factors does not affect the product.

Dobbiamo rispettare l'ordine delle operazioni matematiche.

We must respect the order of mathematical operations.

Il professore ha spiegato l'ordine cronologico degli eventi storici.

The professor explained the chronological order of historical events.

L'ordine di arrivo alla meta è stato deciso al fotofinish.

The order of arrival at the finish line was decided by a photo finish.

La polizia ha eseguito un ordine di perquisizione nel suo appartamento.

The police carried out a search warrant in his apartment.

L'azienda ha ricevuto un ordine di consegna urgente.

The company received an urgent delivery order.

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In Italian, the word ordine can be used in a variety of contexts. It can refer to the order of items on a menu, the order of events in a schedule, or the organizational structure of a company or government. Essentially, it describes any system of arrangement or classification.

One common use of ordine is in the phrase fare ordine, which means to tidy up or organize. This could refer to cleaning and decluttering a physical space, or it could mean sorting through paperwork or digital files. In this sense, ordine implies a sense of efficiency and productivity.

Another related term is in ordine di tempo, which means in chronological order. This phrase is often used when describing historical events or timelines. For example, a book about the history of Italy might present information in ordine di tempo to help readers understand how different events relate to each other.

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