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Meaning: organ

Il mio organo preferito è il pianoforte.

My favorite instrument is the piano.

Meaning: organization

L'organo governativo ha emesso una nuova legge.

The government organization has issued a new law.

Meaning: body part

L'organo più grande del corpo umano è la pelle.

The largest organ of the human body is the skin.

Meaning: church organ

Durante la messa, l'organo suonava melodie sacre.

During the mass, the church organ played sacred melodies.

Meaning: publication

Ho letto un articolo interessante su un organo di stampa.

I read an interesting article in a publication.


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A1: Ho un organo di plastica.

A1: I have a plastic organ.

A1: L'organo è uno strumento musicale.

A1: The organ is a musical instrument.

A1: Il mio corpo ha molti organi.

A1: My body has many organs.

B1: Mia madre suona l'organo nella chiesa del paese.

B1: My mother plays the organ in the village church.

B1: Gli organi interni sono protetti dalle costole.

B1: The internal organs are protected by the ribs.

B2: Oggi ho avuto un problema all'organo di trasmissione della macchina.

B2: Today I had a problem with the transmission system of the car.

C1: L'organo principale coinvolto nella digestione è lo stomaco.

C1: The main organ involved in digestion is the stomach.

C1: La donazione degli organi può salvare molte vite umane.

C1: Organ donation can save many human lives.

C2: La chirurgia per trapianto d'organo richiede una grande competenza medica.

C2: Organ transplant surgery requires great medical expertise.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'organo' translates to 'organ' in English. It refers to a musical instrument that produces sound by means of pipes and reeds, which are controlled by a keyboard or other devices.

Organs have been used in Western music since the medieval period and are commonly found in churches and concert halls. They are known for their rich and powerful sound, capable of filling large spaces with music.

In addition to its use in music, 'organo' can also refer to the internal organs of living organisms, such as the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

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